Supertide swallows tourists' cars in St. Malo

Tourists in the northern French holiday hotspot St. Malo were caught out having ignored warning signs. A 'supertide' engulfed a number of vehicles before firefighters could reach them.

According to the tidal index used to measure height differentials between high and low tides, this one scored 113 of a possible 120. Anything over 100 is considered a 'supertide'.

You have to ask yourself what they were doing taking cars down onto the beach! Didn't want to have park further away and walk I guess. I wonder if the insurance covers stupidity?

Happens every year in such places. Weston-super-Mare is another popular location. Mainly idiots who park then vanish for several hours despite signs about spring tides.

Once saw the same thing happen at le Mont St Michel despite there being warning signs about the tidal coefficient. The tide does come in very quickly for the Grandes Marées!