I am logged in automatically. My e-mail address is correct on messwages. I am receiving messages on computer topics which I am not signed up to and I have clicked on unfollow. I am still getting these messages.

When I try to go into support I get a message saying my e-mail address is not recognised.

Anyone any ideas?

Like Dick Smith I am getting a minor avalanche of mails relating to the computer group. At this moment in time I have no great interest in the exchanges - I cannot find an unfollow button.

same problem here.I found the 'unfollow' button but it is stil pouring in.??????????????? Help!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll look in to this today! Thanks

Yes, unfortunately me too, from the Computer forum. It is rather unannoying that there now appears to be no unsubscribe link.

I am getting it from the cats as well now I unfollowed everybody when the comp group started but on it goes.

You should just be able top click 'unfollow' on any posts your getting unwanted notifications from and they will stop. It's at the top of each post on the right hand side.

You can also do it from the main page in the 'followed' tab

Brian, Dominique and Alex, I've turned off most of your notifications apart from this page, if you are still getting them, please let me know!


Dick, likewise for you, should be fixed now?

Thanks James, seems to be fixed now.

So far, so good, thanks