Surving france

I have lived here almost 23 years now and I am guess I am just about begiining to survive - I think.

I thought I spoke the language to a comprehensible extent but i came across these phrases or words - all the time, which to me were unacceptable.


Ce n'est pas possible

C'est comme cela

On verra ( which means it'll never happen)

I just don't except all that

He/she or it is 'special' or tres special

People are not willing to relinquish information though they do give misinformation

I lived here for two years before and Englishman told me I could buy stamps in a tabac - ater years of frustration at the post office, where there were often fights, and when it got to my turn, the guichet suddenly closed for one reason or another.

I was admonished for asking not too many personal questions, but too many questions. I mean, we can get beyond the weather can't we.

Do not discuss the French Revolution etc etc

So why do I stay here?

Good journalistic patch

The wine's nice and the food is good as is the weather

I'm sure the people are nice too if only they would allow us to get to know them.

Very old thread but an interesting one… depends who you’re talking to. My other half’s French and there are so many things that simply aren’t talked about in the family (farmers - very rural area and outlook) I’ve experienced it in different areas and sometimes it changes within a few kms. I now live near a small very cosmopolitan industrial town, years of spanish, italian, polish arrivals and the town is known for its openess - when i changed cycling clubs I was astonished that on the first clubrun people were asking me extremely direct and personal questions (in an extremely friendly way) that no one had done in months or years of working or cycling together. for the record they thought it was normal for me to ask them all the same questions and they happily answered in great detail.

as for the phrases, i have to admit that on verra is one i use a lot and c’est comme ça and c’est pas possible are too especially with the kids!

would like others thoughts on that