Survival! Multi job Graphic designer, artist, teacher

Hello Survival France Network!

I am contacting you to use the FORCE!

I am in need of contacts for a job or a contract. I’ve been looking all over the place even in the interim agency. I speak and write fluent french.

There are many skills I pertain. Jobs where there is English or French will be no problem for me to hold. I have training in Design and art. I worked 6 years in Design in the states and in France. I paint and do murals! My book can be found at this web site:

I taught English to students of all levels, adult and children.

Currently I am creating on my own free time a series of paintings that I’d like to expose in a gallery. Also I am creating and illustrating a children story book that takes place in France and another latter on Italy.

I can do any kind of work that may come my way, I can move and am willing to leave my area for a good job.

My resume/CV are readily disponible if you need more information. I am reachable at: