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I’m not doing well with the new format, how can I find “Please Help” ?

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You can use the search function up above, here it is

Hi James, since some weeks I have started to get regularly a large number of ad mails from UK to the email address I use here on SF. I have no other contacts to the UK. Did you sell our email addresses?

Absolutely not! What makes you think they are related to us?

Because I use this email address in a very restricted manner, and not for anything commercially related. I have separate email addresses for that. And I have very very limited connections to the UK in general.

I can see the reasoning behind your question @Krister but I can assure you it has nothing to do with us. It has never occurred to me to engage in such tactics.

Thank you, James!

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Lets just test this out shall we?..

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I am often confused as to the order of comments within a discussion.

The items don’t always seem to be in oldest comment at the top, newest comment at the bottom - they are nearly in this order but not quite.

Is the sort order specified using date and time to the second?



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Can you point me at an example please @Mat_Davies and i will have a close look?


Try reading this one from the top. Items 2 and 3 seem the wrong way around.

Advice on selling our French home

I will investigate that @Mat_Davies it’s not expected behaviour.



Did you get any joy with this? (I am interested, not nagging!)

Yes, it won’t happen going forward and there’s not much we can practically do about it, I think it’s fairly isolated though.

Our developers had this to say about it;

At first glance it looks like some kind of threaded reply in the old platform tripped up the migration script. We can’t go back and reimport content at this point though.

It doesn’t look like the broken chronology is having any severe negative impact on the topic. My recommendation would be to leave it as-is (maybe include a note somewhere about the chronology glitch) or start a new topic with the previous comments summarised.

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@james Here is another one of these: Road Deaths ...a Thought The order of the messages is in a mess and makes the thread difficult to follow.

Hi @Peter_Scawen did you receive a notification or two following your earlier posts as discussed?

Yes, some of the old posts are ballsed up. I can’t do anything about them unfortunately :frowning: Onwards and upwards!

Yes I did thanks so that all works fine now I have the process in my head.



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How do I post a message on the forum?