Survive France forum operation - ask me anything!

Oh how we laughed…

Do you want to send a private message to another member or post a new topic @Daisydays ?

Please tell me how to post a topic for everyone to see: hopelessly lost. It must be simple, but …

Main page, hit + new topic :slight_smile:

Very many thanks: I’ll give it a go…excellent website.


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I thought that after the failure of AI I had found a expat forum that I could learn to like and contribute in a minor way, but it seems spoilt by arrogant bigheads that i cannot cope with.
Are there any moderators on this site please?
At my age i object to verbal abuse, it upsets me, and I have difficulty sleeping when someone does it.

Yes there is Barry - if you look under each post you will find a little flag symbol - if you think that a post is offensive, abusive, bullying etc then click this and it will flag it up to the site administrators for review.


Oh, and if it was my last (or any of my) post that you thought was abusive then apologies - I don’t mean to be, and I certainly would not want your sleep to be disturbed by anything I said.


Snap :slightly_smiling_face:

The difference with SFN and AI Barry is at least on here you can actually have a discussion, the powers that be on AI just shut down any conversation. My advice would be to not let anything anyone says bother you, they are not a close friend and you’ll very likely never meet so they are not important in your life. The mods on SFN seem active enough and will soon jump on anyone who causes offence.


@Admin or @james

I see a number of posts which start with a boxed hyperlink to start a discussion. How is this done - I will find an example of a post and paste it in here in a moment…

As at the top of this topic Here

All you need to do is post the link on a line of its own and it will be boxes for you. :slight_smile:

When I do it… it’s 'cos I wave my wand and… hey presto… :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:

(or, I copy the address https: etc etc etc and then paste it into the Reply area)

I have posted quite a few links and never managed a box. Must try harder.

If you notice… not all my links open into their own box… it just depends… but I tackle each link in exactly the same way… so it is not US :relaxed:… it is THEM :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

It does require that the target web page is properly formatted.

Try it here if you like :slight_smile:

You will actually see it load in the composer window when you do it (if it’s going to work)

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