Surviving in France!

Unlike a lot of fellow members of SF I am retired - not, as one forum (not this one) lists me, as an Independent Computer Expert (I wish !) I can just about find the on button - and can’t upload a photo !

I am always interested however, to hear of others experiences with living with cancer in France -diagnosed 2007 followed by colon re-section, then all clear until 2010 four secondaries found on liver. 6 sessions of chemo, op in Nov. 2010 - then more chemo and an IRM scan - chemo did not work - 2 more tumours on liver - further op in July 2011 …now waiting for results !

Cannot find (not even on Cancer Support France) anyone else who has had this type of cancer and treatment - is there anyone else out there ?

Also, looking for a holiday in the sun probably October, as must await decision of my Professor in the Haute Leveque - I had to cancel my planned holiday - anyone know of ANY holidays with no single supplement …getting desperate !

Hi everyone !

Thanks for your good wishes - I send mine to you all as well ! My - I do admire you - running a marathon ! Makes me tired to think about it = but every good wish for Rome !

I am in 17, which is south Charente Maritime, about 70 km from Bordeaux, which is why I have to go to Bordeaux for all my treatment - next rdv on Tuesday when I see the professor to ascertain the results of my last op at end of July. Keeping my fingers crossed !

Thank you for the very kind offer Karen - you are very kind - I am still working on getting a holiday …my professor says I must wait until the scar is healed - but to me it looks ok now …He did say I should not go swimming, but since I get about two, sometimes three, showers a day in this heat, I have no problems with the scar …so I will ask him why this is !

My husband’s daughter, when she was 46, had breast cancer - so I appreciate all that you are going through - I will keep my fingers crossed for all of you !

Hi there, wishing you all the luck and hope things go well. I was dxn in 2003 in UK, 2 x stage 3. Both removed along with my “right one” and a recon. Chemo x 6 and then we decided enough was enough, life too short blah blah, and moved here. It came back!! had most of the recon removed, rads, many many scans, more bits cut off, and thankfully last year was the first one with no operations…! I’m off Monday for my bloods to be taken, hospital on Tuesday and fingers crossed all is well. I’ve taken up running again, done three marathons in 7 years and about to tackle Rome in march…so positive thinking helps a lot. I live in 82, which is nice in October, but not hot enough to swim etc. But we have B&B and a Gite, so come along if you want a break from where you are. Take care ladies.

Hi Sandra,
I live in the Clunysois of Southern Burgundy, so October is not great for sunshine. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2002 and two days later had a mastectomy, as I had been misdiagnosed for a year. I was very lucky as the tumour was still encapsulated and had not spread. They took 13 lymph nodes as they were enlarged, but this was found to be due to the infection caused by the tumour blocking the duct. Like Sandy, I have been very lucky, but the wish to get well helps enormously and I am sure that all of SFN will be rooting for you.
If you cannot find a holiday in the sun, how about the reiki retreat run by the guys on the network?

Hello Sandra,
Cant help with your sunshine holiday question I’m afraid, but wanted to say hello and to send you all good wishes while you wait for your next set of results,
I was diagnosed with breast cancer 5 years ago, and after 2 lots of surgery, including a mastectomy, chemo , radio therapy and on going drug treatment, I have , so far been very lucky.
You are obviously having a much more complicated journey and I wish you strength and ‘bon courage’ for the next stage of it.

Where are you in France? I’m too lazy to look it up!!

We’re in Dept 64 near Pau
Sandy Whitehead