Swedes for boredom

Hello. My mare showing signs of boredom in her paddock at her livery yard (she is on her own but she can touch her neighbours and groom etc) and although she has salt, a big rubber ball on a string and ad lib straw I want to give her a swede on a rope as she stands still all day long doing nothing otherwise, she only eats her straw at night. She has started eating poo and the vet is coming to check her out but boredom is probably a factor. She has two big hay feeds a day but apart from eating that during the day she does nothing. I can't find swedes here in france, does anybody know what they are called in french? And does anybody know if one of those big celeriac roots would be ok for her? And somebody else suggested a white cabbage...

Any ideas about veg on a rope would be good. Floor feeding is a problem because of the mud and you can't get those fantastic huge fruit box things down here.

Many thanks


Hi Kitty!!!

Maybe having a friend with her, like a sheep or a goat? If it's boredom, better to treat it with a mate than with food, I guess? Let us know how she gets on,

Talk to you soon!


Not necessarily, its often a behaviour thing though a vit suppliment at this time of the year is a good thing anyway

Yes but also she would just push in into the next paddock - they are only separated by a wire...

I am going to get her a feed bucket and put it on a string - when I put an enormous barrel thing in her paddock she managed to roll that out within moments, so everything tied down I think.

The vet said she must be missing some vits so she is on a vitimin booster too now.

Shame about the mud as the Elico Decahedron with bits of carrot, swede, treats etc keeps them busy and moving.