Sweeping the Chimney - 2021

I don’t often read La Voix du Nord… but today’s the day…
and I noticed this article (question/answer)

Just in case anyone has forgotten to get the chimney seen to… as the weather is turning foul and it’s about time to “… light my fire.”

Perhaps the rules up north don’t apply all over, but it’s worth thinking about… and perhaps checking closer to home.


Good reminder. No matter whether you use wood or fuel if you do not have a certificate to say it has been done for the current year your Insurance will not cover any chimney fires and associated damage. Love the pic but open wood fires are now illegal in France. Don’t know how they can enforce it though.

according to this article
Open fires are to be discouraged…
Forbidden in newbuilds from 2022.
Some parts of France have already forbidden open fires… but certainly not all.

I DIY my chimney and checked with my insurer that this is OK and we are covered. I just log the date its done.

Sorry I got my implementation date wrong. From 1st January it will not be able to fit Fuel or coal powered burners. Wood is ok but not open fires.