Sweet potatos - any experience of growing?

I would like to grow sweet potatos. Last year I ordered the expensive “slips” online from Thompson & Morgon, but had to cancel the order when they hadn’t delivered by end of May (appalling customer service). I have read that it is possible to grow them from slices of sweet potatos bought at the supermarket. Does anybody know if this is indeed possible and, if so, will they grow in France?

Hi Clare - think there’s another topic on this somewhere, perhaps worth a search?? I’ve grown sweet potatoes as a pretty houseplant, from sweet potatoes bought as vegetables, with heart shaped leaves, but never as a crop - don’t suppose it would be much different than growing ordinary potatoes. When i worked as an apprentice horticulturist, T&M had a poor reputation, for example, selling seeds which were only viable 6 weeks after flowering, so it would seem things not improving :frowning: