Swimming Pool bottom and walls cleaning

Hello everyone. I hope you can advise me. I have a new, indoor and inground swimming pool, about 8m x4m x1.4m. I need to find a means of keeping the flat bottom and the walls and waterline mosaic clean.

Options appear to be

(1) a manually operated long-handled hydraulic "broom" which plugs into a vacuum point. Not very good for me as I have problems with my neck and shoulders.

(2) a hydraulic "robot" which plugs into a vacuum point and wanders around the pool on its own, trailing a very long hose. I have been told by friends that these cannot really be left to get on with the job as the hose continually needs to be untangled. Again, not really ideal.

(3) a fully automatic electric "robot". These seem to be very expensive, but obviate the problems of the other types.

Can anyone recommend which of the above (or any other types) are the best and also what brands/models are the best.

Any and all information and advice will be very welcome.

Thank you in advance.

Melvyn Anthony

Thank you Simon - I will investigate these.

Hi...I meant to say Hydraulic Broom as per your original post. Buying two heads is good..one brush and one smooth (with roller wheels). I have no idea of makes, these are basic/generic things bought via your local pool shop...weight is important so they don't lift off the bottom. Don't get hung up on brand names or marketing!

Hi Simon,

Thank you for that information - it looks as though I can save some money by not bothering with a robot.

I am not familiar with the term "hydraulic boom" - what is it exactly, please? And can you recommend a good model and a good "head" model, please?

Hi..given your circumstances (indoor, adult use etc) I think you will find cleaning the pool a breeze. Personally I am not a fan of robots; If you can dedicate one hour per week for your pool with a hydraulic boom you will have it sorted, no tangles and probably a superior result. Invest in a good quality roller type head for the boom, it will be worth it and save your shoulders and neck...it really is effortless. As for the waterline if you keep your water well balanced and don't jump in laden in suntan cream then a brush on the boom taken across the waterline every week will clear most things, failing that it's a monthly job to just go around with a magic sponge or waterline cleaner...do it while you're in the water, much easier and saves the knees.

Hi Hugh,

Thanks for the response. Can you tell me which model of each type you have experience with and how would you rate them? Can the hydraulic one be left on its own for several hours without the hose tangling?

Hi Simon,

We are permanent residents and the pool is for use all year round.

Water sanitisation is by an Enviroswim combined cu/ag Ioniser, Oxygenator and Ultra-Sonic system - salt- and chlorine-free. Pool usage is low as we have no children, so apart from the two of us there are only occasional adult and child visitors.

I have the hydraulic & electric. The electric is horribly expensive and does not seem any better than the hydraulic one.

Hi Melvyn, are you there to manage the pool or is it a holiday home? Also how many people use the pool and how is it sanitised?