Swimming pool liner replacement

Can anyone recommend a reliable company to give us a quote for replacing the liner in our pool? We’ve emailed a couple but no replies (!) Cancon / Villeneuve sur Lot / Bergerac area. Many thanks.

Do you know who installed it initially? If not I am sure there are some “piscine” shops around. Otherwise the company called “Waterair” do liner pools but I don’t know if they would work on a pool which may not be from their company. Always worth asking though

Hate Waterair! I wouldn’t ask them to do anything. Seen too many bad jobs by different Waterair branches, that includes builds, repairs and liners.

ok… but I have always had good service

Waterair are all franchises, you may have been lucky, getting someone who does care, sadly not always the case. The company’s dealer pitch is all about the money, money, money! Akin to a timeshare convention. I know, I have sat through one :scream: