Swimming Pool regs

hello all - this may have been a topic covered ages ago but I need some advice please. I have just started running a property management business where I will organise rentals of gites, changeovers etc for the owners who don't live here and want some extra income. One question that I keep getting different replies too so am totally confused is that of the law of swimming pools. My clients have decided to go for the electric hard cover security rather than a pool alarm or fenced in pool. They obviously have liability insurance for renting out - is this enough? I keep getting told that for renting out of their property they need to have it fenced in!! Help please and sorry in advance if this has been covered over and over again!

The problem with the law is that it has never been tested in court as far as I know. As I understand it someone has to respond to the alarm 24/7 within a very short time or if you have a fence, you have to keep an eye on the pool at all times. This means someone has to ALWAYS be on the property and if like us, you have a large area of land, someone has to be within earshot. It is not only visitors that you have to protect but anyone who may wander or gain access to your property. Also, the fence or cover that you install must be certified and they are all expensive. If you have a fence you must also make sure that no tree with overhanging branches is near the pool that someonemight climb on and over the fence! On our terms and conditions we point out that there should always be an adult in attendance within the pool area if there is anyone under the age of 16. This is also verbally explained to them. Although we have an alarm fitted we also have a fence 1m high wooden one with both gates secured by locks.

Yes it is enough - just responded on the other forum. However, from my experience running family friendly gites myself with www.Totstotravel.co.uk you will find you will get more bookings for families when you have a fence installed.