Swimming pool safety

Friend of mine had a visit from the gendarme as his swimming pool pump and other related gear was removed/ stolen while he was in England. The gendarme believe it was the work of the people who put the pool in as this happens from time to time ( mind yoy said friend did annoy the workers so...........? )

Anyway insurance didn't cover it as pump room was unlocked. Then the gerdarmines returned>>> prepared to fine him 2000 euros as his pool was not covered they said that all secondhomes must have a cover which is strong enough to walk on? quick thinking friend who did have a cover but hadn't fitted it said that the thieves had stolen the necessary attachments and he was waiting for prplacements. He had to return to the police station within the week with photgraphic evidence that the cover was in place ! Has this happened to anyone else and does anyone know what law really is ?we have an alarm which was a rip off some years ago when the law required us to take some action., but we thought that was enough? If you do need a cover for the pol does that mean that every time you are not actually by the pool side you have to but the cover on ?

Would really like to know if eveytime you nip to the shop/ take your child to school etc you have to secure said pool? Or had my friend really upset the gerndarmes as well as the pool fitters?

thanks very much for the link, I will now try and translate it! but it seems to suggest that any of the options are acceptable ?

thanks for the infor mation I think you've covered all the angles and I also think you are right , my hot headed friend has had his comeupance !