Swimming pool ummmmmm

Not sure if anyone else has had the same dilemma.

I currently have a pool, but it needs pretty extensive refurb/renovation - new pump, filter, retiling or whatever alternative finish to the inside etc. So I’ve been thinking quite carefully about what to do next. It’s about 10x4, but for me at least, it’s not long enough for a decent swim and amounts to a large paddling pool to cool off in during the Summer, so after I recently got the spa I’ve really been questioning myself as to what I want to do with it.

I really don’t want the hassle and upkeep of it, and if I’m away on a trip I need to get someone else to keep an eye on it etc. So I‘ve been opening my mind as to what I could do with it. Structurally it’s in good condition, so it seems a bit of a shame to make an irreversible change. I plan to stay in the house and no plans to move actually, but you never know exactly what’s around the corner and the pool structure at least still being there may be of benefit to someone else at some future point.

Anyway, immediate ideas that came to mind were:

A)fill it in with earth and plant shrubs over the area
B)install some sort of floor over the top of it e.g. decking, and use the pool below as a tank to catch rainwater
C)install a large septic tank/water tank in part of it, to again use to store rainwater, with the remainder of the area used to plant shrubs
D)somehow install a roof over the pool and create a type of basement room to use for storage/workshop?
E)put a shipping container in the pool and use that as an underground storage area/workshop?
F)sunken patio/terrace area - the idea I’m least interested in as I have plenty of outside seating/terrace areas

Has anyone else had any experience with ‘removing/repurposing’ a pool???

I’ve seen the sunken garden idea. Fancy keeping fish? A natural pond?

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Trampoline pit!

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Oooh that was also acctually an idea but just thought it could be a bit of a mosquito magnet :woozy_face:

Wow - 50 very unusual ideas :grinning: The one point I was struggling a bit with is that if I leave it open it would gradually fill with rainwater and then you get the mosquitoes having a ball :partying_face:

What hassle and upkeep? Do it properly and you wont have a hard time with it. My pool was closed up for a year with the winter cover on it. Gave it a shock left it 24 hours with the filter running then removed the cover, vacuumed it and began swimming.
Was only open for a fortnight cost €12 for javel, €4 for electricty to run the filtration. Closed up until April when I will open it again. Salt chlorinator can run while you are away or chlorine dosing pump.
Enjoy your pool, dont endure it.


Not sure if your location in France would have anything to do with it, but we have the pond below which originally was a concrete rectangle and a 150m old castle moat and never get any mosquitoes, we are in 72.

Unfortunately it just doesn’t get the use, and now faced with having to refurb it it’s made me carefully consider if I want to keep it. Yes it’s nice to jump in and cool off in the Summer months but then it’s just sitting there for the rest of the year. I guess getting the spa has just opened my eyes a bit as think it’ll be far easier to manage, can use it for longer each year and expect I’ll use it alot more.

That looks ideal, and that would be lovely, having a water feature, but here where I am in 34 the mosquitoes seem to love it unfortunately. Any standing water and they’re suddenly rampant!

Once you have a full ecosystem going it looks after it’s self, frogs, toads, dragonflies, fish, a huge variety of birds, ours isn’t free flowing during the summer, the farmer either used the water from the well or a submersible fountain pump to keep the water flowing, the occupants below help as well :wink:
I go in once a year now with waders on and a chainsaw to “prune” the bushes back and that is that, fresh water oysters are a bonus.

That looks delightful. The sun here is strong and prolonged and I anticipated it would just get stagnant as the water’s not circulating. Is there any circulation at all in yours, or is it just literally standing water?

During the height of last summer the only water going in was from the well pump, to replace the water from evaporation due to the 40C+ heat.
There is a weir at one end that flows to the river to get rid of the excess water during the winter.

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Food for thought :thinking: :thinking:

This is what it looked like when I bought the place, as you can see it has thrived and filled in considerably.


Wow - so much more established and no longer looks like a concrete basin :+1: :+1: did it take very long???

6 years, but it has been hacked back the last 4 year’s and will need real thinning out this year.
I bought the farm in 2016.

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You might find this interesting and giving more food for thought - including mosquitos


Which Javel do you recommend and what dosage do you use?

Std eau de javel from brico sheds 20ltr containers for about €13 (last year)
How large is your pool m3?

I have a pond sized about 10 metres x 1.6 metres x 1 metre deep.

The only water movement is winter excess water down an overflow pipe.
The water never gets stagnant and we do not have issues with mosquitos (probably because of the frogs).
The only occasional problem is cats eating the fish.

Maintenance is the cutting back the pond weeds and reeds twice a year and skimming out leaves.

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