Swimming Pools - again

Although we are being a lot more patient this time, we have bought some Anti Algues Concentre. The instructions for curing algae say to put 2.5 litres in for every 100 cubic metres - this seems OK but it also says to add 100 tablets (comprimes?) of Chor Choc. This seems an enormous amount as we normally put in 30. Has anyone tried this and does it have any adverse effect on the pool. We are complete novices and are concerned that the water quality will suffer.

Thanks in advance for help/advice.

Cant say I like the sound of your ‘Hoover’ Mine draws water through the tube and thus to either the filter or to waste (see post above) white powder is probably dead algae and needs to be vacuumed to waste.

I have an above ground Intex pool, not very big, but every year it get this dust-like substance that settles on the bottom. Once you disturb it, it disperses into the water making it cloudy. I presume it’s algae. I vacuum it every day (although its a hose-pipe that you fix onto a pole that blasts the water through a muslin bag that collects the sediment) and filter it for several hours every day also (with the small paper filters provided). I am now on my third lot of Anti-algue concentre (after leaving it a week and a bit to no avail, and taking out the other products that the instructions say should not be in the pool at the same time i.e., 4 in tablets in the skimmer). The ph is perfect. My friend has the same pool with the same tablets, does the same as me and has never had a problem. Any ideas folks. Oh yes, I’ve been changing the filters every 5 days or so and not every 2 weeks as the manufacturer states.

Hi Nick You seem to be doing everything the same as us. However we have been told constantly that the Ph is THE most important thing because unless this is right nothing else works properly. It is recommended that the Ph level is 7.2 to 7.4 and once we got ours to this level everything else slotted into place nicely. We do not choc as often as you but if it works for you OK. Also when our pool was green we kept the filter on 24 hours to make sure everything was circulating as much as possible. A guideline once the pool is clear that you keep the filter on for half the pool temperature, i.e. 24 degrees, filter on for 12 hours. One very good tip we had was to clean to waste. This does mean you have to top the water level up but if the pool is v. dirty or v. green it means that the dirty water is not circulated through the filter (with some inevitably going back into the pool) but goes straight out taking lots of dirt with it. We found this really helped. We also found that the testing strips and the liquid testers are confusing because the colours seemed OK to us until we had them properly tested when they were too high (Ph). We have therefore invested in a meter which still uses strips but gives a read out in numbers thus avoiding the guess-work. It cost €64.50 but has been a really worthwhile purchase when you think how much you spent on the pool and on chemicals! Hope this helps. Linda

Linda, any easy tips to pass on, as having a green pool is one of the pains of my life as well. Spent today checking everything again, and we do seem to having more luck this year than most. What we are doing is

  1. Got the sand filter on timed, at least 12 hours a day
  2. Make sure there is a chlorine tablet in the skimmer at all times
  3. One scoop of Chlore choc into the skimmer once a week.
  4. Regularly hoover the pool and keep the filter backwashed and rinsed at least weekly.

Keeping an eye on the ph, but not getting too paranoid about as we have in the past.

Any other nuggets of information will be gratefully received :wink:


Brilliant news! Lets hope the sun comes back out!

Just to say many thanks for all the help and information received re our very green pool, especially to Graham who actually paid us a visit and came up with some very useful info. We now have a wonderfully clear pool and are enjoying it immensely. Thank you all.

Too wet here too which is just as well at the moment as our pool looks anything but inviting!

My french dictionary Gives Comprimé as a tablet, so yes for you 75 tablets. as I said leave the tablets alone and allow the anti-algues do its job. Here its too wet to think about pools :slight_smile:

Thank you. I thought 100 comprimes of choc was excessive. We have a pool 10 x 5 x 1.5 so will work out the dosage as you have given. When you refer to comprimes are you meaning the small chlor choc tablets as this is what the instructions on the box seem to refer to. Other than that we have chlor lent in large galettes and use 2/3 a time as per the box. Sorry to seem dim but my dream is slowly turning into a nightmare!

Pool 8 X 4 X 1.5 = 48 cuM therefore add (2.5) X 48/100 litres =1.200 l for my pool.
Comprimes again for same size pool (100)X 48/100= 48 comprimes in the pool. Put the anti algue in first and wait. As for the clore choc I would wait and see, but for me I wouldnt want to swim in a pool with that much chlorine in it. no Michael Jackson effect please!!!
E & OE and I’m not an expert!!!