Swimming pools turned brown

I’m having a bit of a nightmare year with my pool, the story so far, my salt cell failed and the pool went green, the nice man at cash piscines sold me some hydrogen peroxide and an anti algae chemical, this saw me through until the new cell arrived, after a week I introduced chlorine into the water with some eau de javel as recommended on this site. All was well for another two weeks then today a tinge of green appeared in the pool so I shocked it tonight and within an hour the water has gone a straw brown colour. Internet searches suggest this is typically a problem with metals in the water but I’m wondering whether it’s anything to do with all the treatment chemicals it’s had recently. Any thoughts or advice appreciated.

Could be algues moutarde maybe.

Have you tried empty it and start over again

De Dijon?

Personally I would call a professional who understands these things.

Yes and definitely not taking advice from shop boys no matter how nice they might appear.

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I can’t say if the man in cash piscine was nice or not but the advice was dire.
Anti algae is not strong enough to do anything to an algae attack, just a pool industry lie, or at least no knowledge of the real world.
Why add hydrogen peroxide to a chlorine pool? More stupid advice which cost you double and has now begun your journey into pool shop rubbish. Go back to cash piscine and next they will sell you a metal sequestrant. That puts you into a cycle of issues until you go broke or fill in the pool.
Only add what your pool needs, that is usually chlorine and maybe pH adjuster. It’s called the pure water principal. What the nice man in cash piscine should have sold you is liquid chlorine to cure the green and keep the pool nice until the new cell turned up.
So, it sounds like you have iron in the water but can’t be sure sitting here. You could have this from any source of iron. You’ll need to let the chlorine or peroxide level drop to zero then try ascorbic acid to put the iron back into suspension in the water. If that works and it’s iron do not buy sequestrant. By either some Polly balls from cash piscine or get a cushion that’s stuffed with polyester and pack that into the skimmer basket. Polyester has a small electrical charge which works quite well for removing iron.

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Well amazingly having left the pump on all night the pools returned to a lovely clear water today so I’m even more confused now, not even any sediment on the pool floor, PH is low though but I can adjust that easily enough. It does leave me confused as to whether there is a metals issue with the water.

Glad its seems to have cleared, in situations like this at the other end of a PC it’s difficult to diagnose. In the past the salt used can be from dubious sources and contain various minerals and metals. The stronger oxidation potential of peroxide compared to chlorine can cause issues as it oxidises the metals/minerals to a form that becomes visible.
Just don’t use peroxide again, chlorine maybe a weaker oxidiser but it’s a better bactericide so you get two great products for half the price of hydrogen peroxide.

Thanks for your advice and help