Switching from British to Irish Passport post Brexit

When I moved to France over 5 years ago I used my British passport for all the formalities (social security, tax, etc). I also have an Irish passport (NI birth).

Post Brexit (or earlier), what do I need to do to register under my Irish citizenship and avoid all the CDS fuss? I’d appreciate advice on which authorities I need to inform. I’ve read lots of articles saying it’s not an issue, but I cannot find any concrete advice on what to do.

Thank you!

It’s not an issue, you will have an EU passport! Your British one was just used as proof of identity.


may be worthwhile for you to join the Remain In France Together (RIFT) website and Facebook site. Lots of great admin type info on there and hundreds of people in various Brexit fuddles, asking others for advice and generally being helped out.

Thanks, does that mean I do not have to do anything proactively?

I am monitoring the Facebook Group, but this question hasn’t come up (that I can find) … lots of discussion about applying for a CDS, which I’m happy to avoid!

Hi there, I’m in a similar situation myself and as far as have read from Irish government sites, we shouldn’t need to do anything re residency. However I’m not sure about microentrepeneur status as it was all setup with my uk passport, so if anyone has any ideas?