Switching from Swiss to French health insurance

Hi there, does anyone have experience of switching from Swiss to French healthcare? If so, can you describe the process please. Many thanks.

@fabien is your go to place for advice.

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I’m presuming your question is about changing from the Swiss LaMal to the French Seçu? Not supplementary or top up insurance?

Are you frontalier, or living in a border region? As the CPAM offices in these areas are hugely familiar with swapping between the two systems.

If not I wonder if it is any different from anyone else arriving in France?

That’s right, it’s switching from the Swiss ‘standard’ LaMal to the French health Seçu, not a top-up insurance.
We are frontaliers but what complicates it is that I intend to work for myself with a Micro Entreprise in France. Every time I speak to CPAM I get different answers. I was just wondering if someone on this forum had a personal experience to share.

Hi Berniemac

Now that we’ve clarified your question…

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“sécu” in France :wink: >If you set yourself up as an micro entrepreise then part of that will be registration and contributions to the sécu here in France. No problems if you’re salaried in Suisse, but if you own a company/are TNS then that bans you from being an auto entrepreneur (my case) :wink:

Done, I’m a bit wary with some sites but see that Survival France is a reputable site.


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Sorry, I didn’t get back to you on this. I’m not salaired in Switzerland or in France because I haven’t worked yet. At the moment I’m covered by my husbands Swiss policy but would like to know the process for switching and thel costs for me and maybe also my son. I’ve tried asking Ursaff but they don’t answer this specific question. Ameli too just provide standard answers about the French sécu but no specifics. I haven’t contacted cpam yet, I can given them a go.