Sworn Translators

hello - anyone qualified to do sworn translations on here? i need 2 docs translated for the lovely RSI

merci b


Hi Maureen, I've found a few companies all seem similar prices... but i've not agreed the 'deal' with anyone - happy to use Sarah if she's available...

do you have her details - website? email?

i'm at teresa.ewarts@gmail.com

thanks x t

Have you found anyone, my friend Sarah is a sworn translator?

thanks A & C - andrew you were my next point of call, followed by wendy... so you've saved me a mail (i think) - i did a search here actually for translators - but only came up awith a couple of (nice) people who couldn't do it...

sun is shining = good

first mossie bites of the year = v.v. bad

Teresa- there's a recommendation on the SFN Useful Links Page

I think it was Wendy's one.

Wendy Wise has a contact if I'm not mistaken ;-)