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Hi I am 73 & had T1 for 56 years. Just wanted to say how excellent my current treatment choices are. I get Libre glucose sensors & Omnipod Tubeless Pump with ordonnance.
New choice is Dexcom G5 CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor) that it is linked to Samsung S3 watch so I can easily monitor levels. The G5 provides Alarms for LOs & HI’s so corrections can be immediate. All the best, Roger


I’m a T2 and am really pleased with the care I get in France. No need for a device as sophisticated as yours of course but the way the French system works with all sorts of peripheral monitoring is completely reassuring.

Totally agree. I did have to persist a little. Saw my local doc about a pump & he laughed & said effectively you are not sick-enough as did my diabétologue when I asked about the Dexcom on prescription! So I bought it anyway. Find the response a bit weird-get sick & you can have what you want!

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Have been T1 for exactly the same number of years (56) as you, although I’m slightly older (81).

Agree absolutely with what you say. The treatment I have received in France for the last twenty years has been absolutely excellent. I have a Medtronic pump and a Libre sensor, both of which are free under the ALD system. I particularly appreciate the rapid blood test results, which arrive the same day by internet.

Finally, the Franco American blood sugar measurement of mg/dL is so damned logical… especially if you’re a tad hypo and not thinking quite straight!

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Morning Thomas,

Good to hear from you. I use Dexcom G5 that gives me LO or HI alarms. My diabétologue said I did not qualify for Dexcom on ordonnance since I was not 'ill enough"! Same response when I asked local doc about a pump. Find this a bit weird since I’ve read of folks in UK saying they mayy lose their pump if they remain out of target.

Interesting what you said about glucose measurements since I am still not used to the French system so have a converter next to me!
All the best,

Hi, so how do you manage to get retinal screening?, It would seem that here in Brittany there is an extraordinarily long waiting list!!

Hi, when I saw the diabetic consultant about a pump in Langon here in the Gironde she said I had to have a ‘before & after pump’ eye test. So I phoned an opthalmology centre in Bordeaux & had one there. I knew I had peripheral retinopathy from UK test before we came here just over 5 years ago. Pleased to say the 6 month after test showed the retinopathy had healed & that surprised me since I thought it was permanent. Could you ask in a local Facebook Group, lots around here & they are very helpful. Good luck with your search.

Diabetic retinopathy (they were sometimes called micro-dots) does heal if your HbA1c is well controlled. Seems like your treatment is working well Roger… well done!

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