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Hi I am 73 & had T1 for 56 years. Just wanted to say how excellent my current treatment choices are. I get Libre glucose sensors & Omnipod Tubeless Pump with ordonnance.
New choice is Dexcom G5 CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor) that it is linked to Samsung S3 watch so I can easily monitor levels. The G5 provides Alarms for LOs & HI’s so corrections can be immediate. All the best, Roger


I’m a T2 and am really pleased with the care I get in France. No need for a device as sophisticated as yours of course but the way the French system works with all sorts of peripheral monitoring is completely reassuring.

Totally agree. I did have to persist a little. Saw my local doc about a pump & he laughed & said effectively you are not sick-enough as did my diabétologue when I asked about the Dexcom on prescription! So I bought it anyway. Find the response a bit weird-get sick & you can have what you want!

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Have been T1 for exactly the same number of years (56) as you, although I’m slightly older (81).

Agree absolutely with what you say. The treatment I have received in France for the last twenty years has been absolutely excellent. I have a Medtronic pump and a Libre sensor, both of which are free under the ALD system. I particularly appreciate the rapid blood test results, which arrive the same day by internet.

Finally, the Franco American blood sugar measurement of mg/dL is so damned logical… especially if you’re a tad hypo and not thinking quite straight!

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Morning Thomas,

Good to hear from you. I use Dexcom G5 that gives me LO or HI alarms. My diabétologue said I did not qualify for Dexcom on ordonnance since I was not 'ill enough"! Same response when I asked local doc about a pump. Find this a bit weird since I’ve read of folks in UK saying they mayy lose their pump if they remain out of target.

Interesting what you said about glucose measurements since I am still not used to the French system so have a converter next to me!
All the best,