T1 Diabetes

Hi, since I have been a well-controlled, insulin-dependant diabetic for 53 years now 70 I decided to ask my doctor about switching to an insulin pump since the technology is so much better now. I have 3 pre-meal injections & 1 for the background insulin. I use a Libré to check glucides on my phone without finger-pricks.

To my surprise he said I was not eligible since I was so well ‘balanced’. Part of my surprise was due to, when I saw a diabétologue to get a Libré prescription, she mentioned une pompe in passing.

My concern is that, although I am very careful with my diabetes management & OK so far with only peripheral retinopathy when last checked in UK, saw a cardiologue for a souffle & got the OK, I do want to safeguard my health. Plus avoiding 4 injections a day & just inserting a new cannula would be far better for me.

Is there nothing I can do now? Wonder whether I could see the diabétologue again & raise the pump question without getting up my doctor’s nose!?



Hi Roger… Are you Resident in France??.. I ask as you talk about some testing in UK…

Perhaps it all depends on your relationship with your French Doc…and whether or not he is in the loop with the various other experts involved in your treatment… have you told him what you have explained to us here on the Forum??

Personally, I know my French Doctor so well… that I would discuss things very openly… and if I really wanted to do something (such as you suggest)… I would expect him to listen carefully to my “arguments” and then agree to my request…:relaxed:

why not make another appointment and talk it through… all the ifs and buts…:roll_eyes::wink::relaxed:

Hi Stella,

Yes we have lived here now for 3 years. He is normally quite happy to change my insulin etc although ‘full discussion’ is not easy with my French. He did say he only had 2 patients on pumps & they were young & also said they were also under a hospital consultant & the pumps were quite expensive. I did say could I pay & he said that’s not how it works under the French system.

Don’t think a further RDV would do much good.


Oh dear… doesn’t sound hopeful then. What a pity… I wonder if he understood that the Diabétologue had mentioned the pompe… :thinking:

I’ll count my blessings re my own Doc…

Sometimes the MTs are reluctant to change track without a specialists say so, and the reason given was just to save face. I know with my health condition the MT does what the specialist says, so if there is a reason to see your consultant then do so and ask if he/she could recommend this for you?

Thanks Jane. The diabétologue was very thorough-she said I needed to lose weight, reduce my BP, heard a heart murmur so referred me to a cardiologue, & said I needed a blood-test AND gave me an ordonnance for the Freestyle Librés that I had been buying anyway. She also mentioned a pump that I was not keen on then.

I think maybe I need another chat with my doctor to discuss:

  1. Referral to the diabétologue who suggested a pump.

  2. Referral to a specialist to check my peripheral retinopathy.

  3. Help with ankle stiffness after I shattered my tib & fib in UK

And to remind him that all of my father’s brothers died with coronaries prior to 60 & my elder brother had a fatal stroke at 62 & I have hypertension.

Hopefully that should help!

Thanks for your help in marshalling my arguments.

All the best,


Sounds like a good plan, Roger… good luck and let us know how you get on, please. :relaxed:

hello roger i have diabetes T2 and use injections. and metformine .i also asked for a pump but was refused because i am well ajusted. yes the pump system is very expensive and before thinking about it you need to be under the french system as for diabetes you are re emborsed 100%.but the best thing is to get appointement at hospital.

My elderly mom in uk was diagnosed with insulin dependent type 1 diabetes maybe 7-8 years ago…she’s at a bit of a loss as to the How’s and whys and therefores…type 1 is usually considered as “juvenile” onset…she’s currently battling a foot ulcer after being hospitalised after a fall in the gp surgery and then contracting pneumonia in hospital (in spite of being vaccinated against pneumonia twice and annual flu shots and also shingles when previously rushed to hospital) via an emergency call from her doctor…She remains loyal to her doctor not wanting to cause any upset…she’s so lovely…but me…I’m screaming in my head ffs…any more crossed wires and I’ll be unlikely to remain silent…I don’t think this is the fault of her gp but a&e in our area is a shambles…she’s had a district nurse change her dressings since she was discharged…healing beautifully but the last time when she phoned to ask if everything was ok as the district nurse was later than anticipated she was met with such a snotty attitude on the phone that I would quite gladly deck the condescending cow on the other end of the line for making my mom feel like she wasn’t worthy when all district nurses prior to that have been kind caring and wonderful…visiting on bank holidays when my mom thought they would maybe be off work…I know I’m talking about uk having not yet had cause to interact with the health system in France but the continuity of care in uk is so inconsistent that when people like my mom feel like they shouldn’t have phoned then something is seriously amiss…

Hi Carol sorry to hear that. Years ago when I last saw a consultant in UK having queued for hours we agreed that my care would be from the GP practice since I was fine. I think here in France you don’t have to be referred you just phone for a RDV? So maybe I could see the lady diabétologue who prescribed my Abbott Librë-she did mention a pump, & see what she says now. If only diabetes was logical! I do tend to have night LO’s so adjusted last night’s Abasaglar accordingly & woke with an Amber 10.6mmoL on my smart phone, blood 11.5 grrr😡.
Can you just choose a consultant? Mine would be Bordeaux where I do not fancy the traffic! I am in 2 minds at least at the moment!

All the best,


You can choose your consultant, and make the appointment yourself. But if you are not referred by your médecin traitant you pay more - referral can just mean getting a letter from your doctor. A number of times my doctor has told me to decide who I wish to see, and when I know come back to her and she will address the letter accordingly.

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hello again Roger ,if you have a hospital appoitment you will find there are few diabetologues who work in hospitals so they choose the dr who has a place free .good luck let us know how things go on

Carol has provided the perfect reply, google doctors specializing in diabetes. In France they have perfect doctors who will take care and explain the whys and wherefore of your treatment.
The GP -MT should also be able to find one for you.
It would be really good to go further, even if you have the same reply for the moment, the specialist will also follow you after your first rdv, he will then be able to decide when you will be eligible for the pump.
Leastways it’s good to see an expert.
Let us know how you get on . It could be interesting for all.
Bon courage :blush::heart:

Hi, strange how things happen. I wa chatting to a friend who does our pool & he suggested a doctor in a nearby town who spoke English OK. Saw her & gave her a letter I had written in French. I was also concerned about moles on my back, had a dodgy one removed in UK under local anaesthetic. She was great & gave me a letter for a diabétologue & a dermatologue, both of whom I have now seen. Have a RDV to have moles ‘nitrogenned’ in November, diabétologue has changed my long-acting insulin (much better) & said I need my peripheral retinopathy examined (last done 4 years ago in UK. This was because une pompe might make it worse. See the opthalnologue in Bordeaux next week & a further RDV with the diabetic consultant in December. I suspect she hopes with the new insulin I will be OK & forget about the pump.

I do not think so since with the Libré & the sensor rarely do I need to finger prick, I fancy applying une pompe that lasts 3 days & will save me 12 insulin injections. There are exciting developments at this moment. Libré2 has bluetooth so can be read on a smartphone or a wristwatch. Also a true artificial pancreas is being tested-this will continuously monitor blood sugar levels & automatically dispense insulin. That will be amazing.

I am eating a low-carb diet & my balance is the best it has ever been in 53 years. The information on longevity with low-carb being less on BBC News was another half-truth aka lie. So many ‘confounding variables’ in the research it is use-less. Specific research on T1 diabetics shows the opposite, if you want to know more, check out Dr.Bernstein on YouTube. I have also lost 5kg this year. Soon I will have lunch-LO DO wraps spread with a little cream cheese, filled with tinned fish, cherry toms, coleslaw & macedoines on the side; I am never hungry.
All the best,

Hi Roger
Seems like you have all the good advisors.

It’s hard to live with the diabetes, however you seem to be on top of it. Well done you :blush:


I find there is good advice online. Read Dr.Bernstein (low carb, less insulin, less mistakes) ages ago & he is now accessible on YouTube. When I came across Libré here in France I had to buy them before they were on prescription. There are good support groups on FaceBook provided you ‘question the evidence’ as I was taught.
How are you?

Hi Roger

It seems as I mentioned before that you are in complete control of your diabetes. Well done you, it’s not everyone who has so much knowledge… I only have type 2

Unfortunately ha ha my oncologist, my GP and I took a step back for the diabetes when I had the cancer, therefore last test sugar was a little high, my GP whom I adore and fully trust has given me an extra tablet to take in the mornings and I feel so much better :joy::joy::blush::blush::blush::muscle: the next test in September however I am sure I will be fine :blush:

I have thought that maybe I should seek further help if not… lol lol :joy: so stay online hihihi

I am fine thank you as you will see from previous posts, all good for now

Living a terrible terrible thunderstorm though . Feels like roof is going to fall in the thunder is so close lol

You take care and please stay in touch, it’s good to make virtual friends :blush: