Table-top readings

Full time fiction author (British humour) recently moved to Saint Chinian now looking to find other writers / authors and readers to share ideas with / hang out / discuss the pros and cons of Amazon or whatever, book / writing related topics you fancy.

In addition I want to do table-top readings to make short audio recordings of book scenes for use in promotions. Anyone done this sort of thing before? I have a mike, a table and a quiet area but no friends....


I like a person who plans ahead - 2015!!. My website is Also we have an apartment we rent out. If you need accommodation have a look here:

See you in 2015 maybe


We have a literature festival in our area 79. Its in a village called St Clementin, and I believe Glyn Pope, a member on here is active in the organisation - reply for Garry.

Hello fellow 'fulltime author'. Know the feeling.

There is supposed to be an English-speaking Lit festival in France, but having trouble locating the time and place. Any ideas?

I will coordinate to visit in 2015, as I come to France every two years - from Sydney. It's a long way to go, so my visits usually last about two months.

Be interested in getting web or other references for your writing. Humour? Who can resist?

Thanks Catherine ... friend.

Hi James - great idea and would love too but we are miles away :(

I will be your virtual friend in any case! x