Tablet or Netbook?

Hi All,

I think I need a small, mobile computer which will allow me to access the internet on the move. I have been looking at netbooks, but my husband has suggested a tablet. To be honest, I am not really sure what different functions they each have, but I feel swayed to a netbook as I will be doning quite a lot of typing directly into it.

If you have any advice, suggestions, recommendations for either, I would very much appreciate it.


No not yet. I like the idea of the laptop with a detachable screen that then becomes a tablet, but I will wait a while before buying one. I have no desperate need yet, but it would be nice to have.


Thanks Nick,

I think your points are spot on. I think I may just go for a netbook. Martin, what have you decided?


I think the key differentiator is are you going to be a consumer of information or a creator. I had a netbook/notebook, and it was fine, except the keyboard on Trains and Planes got in the way when I just wanted to read an e-book.

On the other side of the coin is trying to use my Tablet for writing an article or blog post. I tried it once, and realised it’s limitations. Fine for an email, twitter or Facebook updates, but I wouldn’t enjoy doing more than that with it.

Hope that helps.


Thanks to those who replied. I must admit I need to do loads more research. I am favouring the notebook at the moment, as I don’t need to be in contact 24/7, but I do spend a lot of time away from my desk top, at a loose end, and I could be easily using that time to update my webpage. Martin, I’ll let you know if I find out anything useful!!


I strongly recommend that you have a really good look at both solutions before you make up your mind. There is no way I could describe to you the ease or otherwise of typing on the soft screen keyboard or the feeling of navigating between apps with a flick of the finger. You have to try it yourself before you make up your mind.
I have a PC, a Mac, a Laptop, a Notebook and an iPad. If we go away it’s the iPad we take.
If you seriously want to stay connected then you need 3G connectivity - and if you’re talking iPads it’s the 3G model which also has GPS so you can use its location services or as a satnav.
I’ve found that if you encounter limitations there’s usually an app to overcome them. For instance I wanted to display video from Picasa web albums - I found an app for €2.39 on the iTunes store.
To repeat myself, don’t be bamboozled by MegaBytes and GigaHertz - you may not know what you want but you know what you need. Find someone in an Apple Store or Darty who knows what they’re talking about and get them to let you have some hands-on experience.

Hi Lynda,
Tablets are great for surfing and checking emails etc, but I think if you want more than that, then a notebook would be more useful. Having said that, if you hold all your documents in the cloud and use Google Docs, for example, then it may be ideal for you.
I saw a while back a notebook with a detachable touch screen, converting it into a tablet. I think it was by Acer, but might be wrong. I was looking at one perhaps for myself in the future.
Victoria from Guide2Aquitaine has an iPad and loves it. I must say it impressed me, but as I said, it has it’s limitations.

you can have a keyboard that works with an iPad.