Tack liquidation sell-up

Hello all, I shut down my little mobile tack shop here in the Herault last year, and we are moving now (Narbonne area from Montpellier area) and I have to get rid of all the rest of my stock as I have no storage space and will have no van very soon. I am selling the lot off for a great price and am looking for somebody or a group to take it off my hands. I have no time to sell on ebay/bon coin etc as this is all happening a bit fast (OH has got a new job so we have to move) hence selling it all off as one lot. Here are some details:

"I am selling the remaining stock from my mobile tack shop that I ran in the Herault until last year. I really need to get rid of it fast as I can as it is all in my van, which I also need to sell quickly. It is all UK-known brands, including Saddlecraft, Rhinegold, Fuller Fillies, IV horse, Toggi, Harry Hall, HacTac etc. There are three big boxes of clothing - 30 or 40 pairs of jods and breeches (lots of colours, sizes and styles, adult and child), several pairs of jodhpur boots (leather) including at least one pair of safety jodhpur boots, several leather bridles, several leather in - hand bridles, coloured leather headcollars, long lead ropes, two impermeable summer turnouts vg quality (I have one myself), 20 or so waterproof and padded riding jackets (different sizes and models), show jackets (including fuller fillies), a big bundle of show shirts (fuller fillies mostly), gilets, a lot of casual riding shirts long and short sleeved (like HKM polo shirts), kids harry hall sweatshirts and a couple of padded kids blouson riding jackets, leather breastplates, lunging cavessons, a couple of riding hats, a big box of assorted gloves (about 20 pairs?) kids and adult, some waffle cooler rugs (pony sizes), several summer sheets (horse sizes), some kids gilets, several pairs of shires amara chaps plus a box of about 20 pairs of really nice (real) suede chaps, all sizes and colours and at least one pair of leather gaiters. Everything is new, most of it still has tickets on but some have lost their tickets, most of the kids clothes and polo shirts are still in their packets, the show shirts have been kept safely in a cover, as have the show jackets. The Jackets are the Diva model from fuller fillies but one or two were samples so don't have tickets. Most of the fuller fillies stuff is size 18-20. The Riding hats are either still in their box or still with tickets. Nothing is second hand though.

It could all be sold on ebay/bon coin etc or at competitions etc but I just don't have time or space to store it now as we are moving, I have to get rid of the lot. I can bring it as far as Narbonne (I am in Montpellier) at my cost, but it needs to be picked up from there (Bize Minervois or Narbonne itself). If not all still in plastic cartons and rug bags (I need them for the move) everything will be in protective plastic zip bags.

I can detail everything more if somebody has interest in buying, but I will sell for a very very good price, €500 (cash), so even if sold for only €5 an item, there would still be a big profit for you...my problem is that I have no time."

Please feel free to contact me to discuss, I can send a photo of it all...

Many thanks, please pass this on to clubs etc if you think they might be interested?


Thanks for your interest"



Dear Kitty please contact me urgently, i have sent a request. i confirm to buy and will collect.

many thanks


Hi Kitty,.

.I might be interested, I'll send you an email to.m.orrow. Sorry about the full stops, I'm having a bit of a key board problem.!.



Hi, thanks for your interest, no problem re more info and photos. We are meant to be at a competition all day tomorrow, but snow is forecast so it might be off. If so, I will do a proper inventory and take some more photos, otherwise I can do it on Monday.

Can we email directly? You can get me at kitty@toosh.biz


Hi Kitty,

I would be interested, and I have friends that live in Montpellier so if you could deliver to them, they would store it for me until I could collect. Would you be able to send me some more details and a couple of photos? smwarrick892@gmail.com