Tactical voting in just 57 seats could keep Boris Johnson out of Downing St

If only I could vote in all 57 seats!

I will just have to be content with 56.

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Go for it!!

A very left wing team I see,
So your trying to destroy the UK with a liebour government? Raise the Uk debt from 2.1 trillion by another 25. % we will end up like Greece, whose crisis will be coming back to haunt us in a few years.

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Good Morning Barrie

I admit my politics are a bit left of centre, but can you really be happy with a Prime Minister, who. in this campaign has lied, lied and lied again.

I also have major problems with Corbin’s magic money forest.


Given a choice between very, very, very bad and certain unmitigated disaster which do you go for?

Emigration :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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And just think - we laughed at the Americans and thought it could never happen to us!

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Left wing site owners and left wing editorial policy. Our site, our values just like all publishers.

Hope that clarifies matters for you!


Professor Michael Dougan, University of Liverpool :
Planning on voting for Johnson next week? Then please don’t ever lecture anyone ever again about honesty, probity, integrity or morality. And don’t bother moaning, either, when you realise Brexit will rumble on for years to come. You really, totally, absolutely were warned.


Oh no SFN is run by Commies. :astonished:

@tim17 “Oh no SFN is run by Commies”.

Communes are very successful units of social organisation, based on healthy human instincts of cooperation, the pooling and diversification of skills and experience, the production and fair exchange of social goods, concern for the local environment; and solidarity when facing challenges from within and outwith the collective.

France seems to do this reasonably successfully, but England has lost the plot.
I point the finger of blame at monarchy, the imperial mindset, and the military that keeps the while rotten edifice from collapsing under the weight of its own corruption.

Guess who is its latest loathsome, lying, lecherous and loutish poster-child.

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Arguably better than the Self-servatives.


What business is it of yours what happens here in the UK? You chose not to live in the UK so mind your own business.

It is our business, it probably effects us immigrants, for all sorts of reasons, far more than those living in the UK.

Bit brutal there I live in the Uk , but I see how it affects my British friends living in France

Then I sincerely hope you were not so stupid as to take barrie wildsmith’s view. If he still has the vote he had to vote Labour or Lib Dem. Tactical voting. To start rabbiting on about left wing at that late stage is what has caused the disaster we are now in. Whether he likes them or not is immaterial. His opinion counts for nothing. You just have to shut up and do what is right for the country and that is to fight Brexit at every level, particularly if you are living in the EU. Talk about turkeys voting for Christmas.

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You have to be brutal with some people. Its all they understand. Can you imagine how his post might have affected people who were prepared to vote tactically?

Norah I really seriously doubt if a post, on a thread that has had less than 300 views , on a French Forum will have had a massive impact on tactical voting. I don’t see you telling people who agree with your viewpoint that they live in France so keep out of it.
Don’t read this as me saying I agree with Barry I am just saying it works both ways

Whether I agree with Barrie or not is irrelevant but you have no right to call anyone stupid. For what it’s worth, I lost my right to vote in UK elections long ago, and thanks to all the shit (that you think isnt our business) that’s going on over there, I like many others will lose our right to vote in France too.

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