Tactical voting in just 57 seats could keep Boris Johnson out of Downing St

Actually I have worked very hard on behalf of my friends and recent neighbours to advance and support the case for people living in France. I have taken abuse and been told “they are traitors to the UK so let them get on with it” etc etc. It has been horrendous but I have fought and will fight on. I just needed Barrie Wildsmith and others who actually voted leave (STUPID)

to stop undermining all our hard work on behalf of those who will suffer. We were told and told everyone, you just have to suck it up and get on and vote tactically. At least Labour were offering a People’s Vote. It took a long time for them to come to that decision and it was very important that they were supported in this. I voted Independent - I have never done so before. but it was to stop Brexit and Boris. I did it for my friends and recent neighbours in France and for the young of this country, even though I have no children. And the people who own and run SFN have the right to be as left as they want to be. I wonder did he write to the Mail and the Express and the Telegraph to complain that they were too far to the right. I doubt it.