Take a look at that forecast!

I never really trust the long term weather forecast as Meteo France usually seems incapable of managing an accurate 3 days. However when I saw this I had to have faith.

It has been so cold here in the last week, barely climbing above 0 degrees, no blue sky, no sunshine, just cold, cold, cold. We now look very much fatter than we used to, due to the amount of clothes necessary to just keep our blood above freezing, and the ski socks bought for us at Christmas may not have seen a ski resort, but they have done sterling service. We have been eating porridge for breakfast, soup for lunch and alternating between curries and other comfort food like macaroni cheese with leeks and bacon for dinner.

I have forgotten what the veggie garden looks like, the shops may be full of seeds, but it is not the weather for digging, weeding, sowing or doing anything much.

But - look, the sun is going to come back (or so they say) and it is going to be warmer too (or so they say), so I’m keeping my everythings crossed that maybe next week our bedroom will be warmer than the 6 degrees it dropped to this week and that maybe I will be out in the garden again soon.

Hi Jacqueline! It looks good doesn’t it and meteo @ wanadoo.fr says the same :slight_smile: