Take aways

We feel the best thing in France is no takeaways, cheaper than slimmer's world. This encourages home cooking and good food and excellent company.

Lots of bars and take ways in the Perpignan area, no deep fried Mars bars though !!!!

Sorry to offer you temptation, there is a very good Chinese Buffet Restaurant/take away between Marmande and Ste Bazeille 47.

Somebody mentioned an Indian take away in Bergerac, is it any good? I am really missing Indian food

At least here we are spared the dreadful doner kebab. Salmonella on a stick.

Bit like the "chippy" knowing how to hit a nail then;-)

It's knowing how to chuck it Vic.

Yes we have a pizza van but it's expensive so I'd prefer to make our own, that said I do miss a good indian takeaway.

Yeah, I never figured out how they can throw a bit of cheese & "things" on a wafer thin bit of pastry, chuck it under a grill & charge what they do!

"The Friday night kebab is a legend back in England,feel it is some what not the same in France."

They are pulling in the punters here in darkest Finisterre. Mind you, lamb is a novelty here:-)

All this talk of takeaways has got me going. I've just defrosted a load of ribs (free, compliments of Eric le Sausage, our Basement Butcher), dry marinaded them in a spicy rub & am going to slow cook them for about 7 hrs. Yummy Yummy!! Now, where's the beer?

We have an excellent kebab shop here in our little rural part of Burgundy, good enough to eat at lunch time not just after the pub. When I lived in Sheffield in the 80's we only ever went for a kebab about 1am in the morning.

There is also take out pizza - excellent and indifferent Chinese or Indian in Beaune. The difference for us is the price - 22€ for two pizzas - we'd rather splash out on fillet steak. Same with the Chinese and Indian, 10% reduction to take away instead of eat in!

They are also non existent where we are just outside chalais 16210, thank god says the wife otherwise to much temptation.

We have yet to visit Bergerac other than the airport, not to sure about restaurants in that area ?

They are non-existent here, except the Pizza place in Cluny 20 minutes away.

The Friday night kebab is a legend back in England,feel it is some what not the same in France.

What? I was walking around the centre of Bergerac waiting for my OH to pick me up not long ago and noticed how many takeaways there are. Even some of the restaurants like the Indian, some Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and various types of North African offer takeaway food. Bergerac is a pretty small city, so what the heck are bigger ones like?

Take aways are probably the only things we seriously miss. Friday nights just don't seem the same without our fix of monosodium glutamate. Mind you we've now got a kebab place opened up in town so maybe things are on the up:-)

Clare I can truly understand where you are coming from, and for us it was after the pub on the way home. Yes we also keep eggs for a quick omelette to take of the hunger and hopefully feel the benefit of not putting on the pounds.

I miss a take away occasionally when I am travelling home from a very long day on an exhibition or market generally 6 am to 8 or 9 pm, that's when I think it would be nice and easy to swing by the chip shop on the way home tonight.

It's the speed of getting in and eating, and not having to start cooking that I miss not the tastes My solution is always to have enough eggs to make an omelette which is quick and tasty.

In what way? That we don't watch television? Not meaning to be rude but you have no idea what we do with our lives so how can you possibly say that? If you'd put a smiley on the end I may have thought that was a joke but as it is that's just a meaningless comment - unless of course you can expand on it as you seem to know more about our lives than we do.

Sorry to say you both are missing out on life.