Take extra care of your speed!

I have to agree with you there David, if one is an experienced driver then one adapts to the circumstances of the route, any distraction like constantly checking the speedo is a pain. There are roads around me that (for the moment) have a 90 kms limit, but quite honestly I would have to be suicidal to go at that speed on these roads. However, this morning, for the first time in 30 days, I could drive my car to the local town. The road I use has a straight stretch of several kms without any house or hazards and I found myself ‘drifting’ up to 110, bad I know, but it was comfortable, I was in charge and always prepared !

Tut, Tut! :wink:

The devil made me do it …:innocent::rofl:

It’s one of the things I miss from Germany. There on many of the unrestricted sections of the Autobahn system I rarely drove particularly fast but it was great to be able to drive at the speed that suited the driver, car and road conditions.

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:rofl: last time he tempted me, I fell off me Yam XT in Portugal :rofl:

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Sounds like a HUD, head up display, used in fighter aircraft which projects the info on the inside of the windscreen. Peugeot 3008 has it as well as a maximum speed limiter, which reduces the need for looking at the satnav all the time. Newer cars help to reduce speeding fines.

update software

I know that some cars have cruise control (mine doesn’t) where you can ‘set the speed’ you want. My friend has one but he doesn’t use it when I am a passenger in his car, it really does make me feel sick. He has tried switching it on when I am enthralled by the scenery but I always know when he has engaged it. To me the car seems to ‘swoop’ (scientific term :wink:) especially on hilly bits and makes my stomach turn !

With cruise control you can override the set speed for overtaking etc and newer cars have adaptive which measures a safe distance between you and the car in front (should be mandatory in France!) My Scenic also has a speed limit setting which would help if the authorities (are they really an authority on anything?) let’s use civil servants, didn’t keep changing the limits so frequently, I don’t mean the town limits just those in the middle of the country they feel the need to up and down seemingly only to support their camera network.

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I find Madam ‘Tom Tom’, dinging her gong when I’m speeding a useful feature.

At least the French haven’t (yet) gone down the route of the Scottish Government - who plan a 20mph limit in every city, town, village etc. Not just in specific areas, but in all built up area

George they have, it’s the 30KPH been around for a while. I the UK it is a built up area but in France they also do it very rural communities. I get so bored slowing to 30KPH when there isn’t a soul around to be seen.
Sure it’s an EU reg just like the CT and MOT changes coming in this month.

In Germany most residential districts are now 30kmh zones and to get many readers quivering with fright all the junctions within them are whatever the German for priority à droit is.

What they plan in Scotland is abolishing ALL 30mph limits in ALL towns, villages et al - replaced with a blanket 20mph

I’m not sure where in France you live but where I am in 17 (and everywhere I know in 16, the Loire, etc) towns, villages etc still have a 50kmp limit. There may be a lower limit in parts of some communities (usually not rural) but they are at schools, right in the town/village centre or on rat runs, but certainly not as you describe

There are more and more rural communities, including many in 17 which now have 30kmh limits and speed bumps.

Yes, but not blanked entry to exit 30 limits - certainly not in the southern part of 17

Most of the minor roads around me in London are 20mph, the Old Kent Road through New Cross, The Elephant and Castle, Southwark etc.
In France I travel extensively and although I can’t list them there are plenty from Calais to the Dordogne. If some haven’t been changed they will.
I dislike the tabloid term rat run, intelligent use of all available roads, as that is what they were built for.

The cameras are totally impartial… :joy::hugs:

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Could be a bit tricky to take points off his licence or get the fine paid

Re: miscreant pigeon :thinking: @anon88169868

On the other hand if she escaped from custody the law would always know where to find her…