Taking Cat and Dog to France

We will be splitting our time almost 50/50 between Northern Ireland and the Loire ( nr Blois ). We have a small Jack Russell and cat as part of the family. Pretty happy with the logistics of transport getting them there/home again but just looking for any tips or advice on living with pets in France - the cat in particular as she is semi wild whereas the dog thinks it’s a human and stays close to home.

Depends where you are I expect. Round here - Lot-et-Garonne countryside, cats are seen as vermin - especially (semi) wild ones. Sorry to be gloomy, but they rarely live to a ripe old age. If she was a house cat it would be easier.

Whereas around us in 72, it’s all farms and they are seen as a bonus/help, we have nine and the other farmers and vet helped with the neutering cost of them all, between vaccination/chipping and neutering it became very expensive.
A lot will depend on the size of the property/land.

Nah, round here, no way are the farmers going to pay for having them neutered. Hence why they are seen as vermin.

The farms here are mostly cereal and hens so they keep vermin well under control, the Chateau next door likes them as well for that reason.

Its just a standard pavillion with small front and back garden with neighbours on either side and bunch of potagers and small river opposite.

Check with your neighbors when you get there if they like cats and let it be known you have one, a picture so they know what it looks like helps.


Friends bring their cat JoJo with them whenever they visit their holiday home a couple of doors down from me.

JoJo wanders the village and can fool people into thinking he is all alone in the world and starving… :roll_eyes:

One year, he was even “adopted” by a Brit couple on the outskirts of the village… they fed him and made a great fuss of him for a few weeks.

Meanwhile, at the other house… they were getting set to return to their main residence.
They were going frantic trying to find where their cat had got to… had he already thumbed a lift “back home”… ??

It was only when the Brits mentioned to me about this poor, abandoned cat which they had befriended… did the penny drop … and JoJo was reclaimed by his very-relieved rightful owners… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


As they say - you don’t own a cat, merely give it house space.