Taking pets to UK, passport rules, your experience please

Hi there,

I am travelling to the UK through France next week and very nervous about getting our dog in.

I have just read this thread (New Pet Passports - Check Carefully)
-Thanks for this information, it´s really useful, but now I have some doubts and some disagreements with our dog´s vet about 3 pages in the passport.
I was hoping some of you might have some experience on this

  • Page 6. The date of the implantation microchip is not entered in our passport, and it has already been plastified. I have the vet form from when it was done but its not in the passport. There is no reading date either. just the sticker with the number.

  • Page 8, the vet went overboard and signed it and stamped it twice (contact info being in the stamp).Does this sound ok?

  • Page 14, the blood test after rabies jab: Our dog does not have this, it is the first time he has traveled abroad, but the vet says he doesn’t need it. I can´t find anything on gov.uk about this being needed, if the dog is from an EU country. Anybody else who doesn’t have this?

-Also page 6 - description is not plasticised - is this normal?

Has anyone had to leave their animal in quarantine?


Hi Jayne. I can only comment ref page 14. You no longer need the blood test after your pet receives the Rabies vaccination, though as I understand it there is a 3 week ‘waiting’ period for the vaccination to have entered the bloodstream proper. My puppy was vaccinated for Rabies 29.5.17 and was Valid From 19.6.17. We travelled 11.7.17 with no issues. Kind regards Petra

I should confirm we travelled via Eurotunnel to the UK. Kr Petra

Vets often don’t put in the date of implantation - after all it may not have been the same vet who did it. However Pet Control at Calais insist on the implantation date. There is no problem if you have the old passport with you, though. I think Calais are getting it wrong, but they are the ones who can stop your dog going to the UK! Worth mentioning this to the vet, and ask him to humour Calais in future, whatever his guidelines say. We now carry two full passports as well as the new one, every time we cross the channel, purely because of this confusion. Tip: it’s also worth having your latest vet receipts with the pet passport in case of arguments, as proof of purchase of the checkup and worm tablets also rabies cover.

If this is your dog’s first passport and the implantation date is not entered before the plastic sheet goes on, I fear Calais won’t accept it. You will have to go back to the Vet and ask him to replace the passport as it isn’t valid, referring to the points I made in my original post. He must enter the chip code, date of implantation and chip location, all before covering the page with the plastic sheet. My French vet made this mistake and I checked it with Calais before the old one expired. Calais condemned it but passed the unexpired one so Floss came to the UK without problems. UK Vet was then asked to provide a new passport before we went home to France.

On page 8, it is unclear whether a stamp is needed, but if your vet’s stamp includes his name, address, phone no. it will be fine so long as his signs it. However most stamps are bigger than the box… It will only be valid if he sticks one of the clear plastic labels over both boxes: vaccine details and vet details.

Page 14 (page 12 in the UK passport) is about the rabies blood test and is blank in Flossie’s passport since the rules for dogs vaccinated in EU countries changed. It would be needed if the dog were vaccinated outside the EU.

Always pay attention to the worm treatment entries, ensuring the date and time are not only correct but legible and that the vet has stamped and signed their box. Same applies to other vaccines which must also be up to date. Remember you have five days after worm treatment to enter the UK. If you are held up you will have to repeat the treatment and have the passport updated by another vet at least 24 hours before you are due to enter the UK. Calais won’t let you on the boat or train until the 24 hours have passed, we’ve gone off for a burger at Calais and had to go back to Pets to collect the passport before we could leave. When we had a week at Colmar before going to the UK last summer we made an appointment with a vet there well in advance and the dog was wormed three days before we went to England.

Currently awaiting the arrival of son, daughter in law and niece with their two dogs (Flossie’s parents) and then younger son, very pregnant girlfriend and their dog, so we have a busy week ahead followed by a day of crossed fingers that none of them has problems with pet passports going home.

Sorry if I’ve worried anyone, but it is very confusing, particularly for vets who don’t often get asked to stamp pet passports. Better to be well informed before things go wrong, though. Bon voyage, let us all know how things go, Jayne.

thanks for the replies.
Diana, the passport was his new one and only one. We went to the vet yesterday and all they could do was make a new one with only the chip page filled because all of the other pages with vaccination stickers are in the original one. If old data is still valid, maybe we could pretend the that new one from yesterday is an old incomplete one?
What a mess, with not much way out.
We have our ferry booked back from Portsmouth, but haven’t yet booked the boat to to England, I think I will avoid Calais :slight_smile:
Other question: I assume we don´t need a transport box is that correct?
Plan B question, what happens to the dog in quarantine? :frowning:

Update: we took a second passport with the date of the chip implantation written and only that page filled out, the rest of the information was in the original passport,we also showed the paper wet got describing the chip and it was enough! Hurrah!
We traveled with Brittany ferries from le havre to Portsmouth and it was great. Pet friendly cabin that came with a goody bag of treats, a toy and a foldable bowl for the dog.

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As far as I know, the chip implantation date is actually implantation or reading date. As has been stated by others, the vet doing the vaccine may not have put the chip in so will not know when it was done. As long as they read the chip before doing the vaccine. This is because the microchip has to be implanted before the rabies vaccine is done, presumably to prevent fraud. The new vaccines do not require a blood test to prove efficacy as long a period of more than 21 days has elapsed before leaving the UK.

To prevent any grey areas, I recommend reading the information on this website, it has all the definitive rules and regs for pet travel into the UK, which was why the system was set up, to save 6 months of quarantine.


Glad you had a hassle free trip, nice to hear that Brittany Ferries look after our furry friends so well in their cabins.

Having just moved house I’ve updated my dogs microchip details through Petlog only to find that my address is now incorrect in my dogs actual pet passport and there is no space or page for change or address or change of ownership details. I’ve spoken to DEFRA and they say that my correct address must be shown in the passport so my vet will need to issue me with another passport but as the Rabies vaccination details are under a sticker I will have to carry both passports with me. It took 3 different advisers to come up with this solution at DEFRA, moving house seems to have been overlooked in the production of the pet passport! I can’t believe that no one else has had this problem. It would have been simpler and cheaper not to have updated Petlog and I wouldn’t have had the worry about whether carrying two passports is going to work at Calais.