Taking the TiO2 ou E171 out of our foodstuffs

How many of us really understand what these ingredients are…

They also use titanium dioxide to make fag filters white

another good reason for some to stop smoking… perhaps…

Titanium is very inert but compared to the cyanide compounds in cigarettes…
Much better to remove the nitrites from bacon, sausages and cured meats. That’s if the EU have any real care about the people.

If you take the nitrite out of the ham and bacon preservation process, the it would be an unappetizing greyish brown. Secret is not to overcook the bacon and sausages.

Yes, however a company has done just that and using a method apparently used in Spain for generations and it’s being sold in supermarkets in the UK. Finnebrogue products.


Let’s hope it takes off and the process is available to all producers. :grin:

I agree Mark, rather than revenue raising from motorists, this is something that should be tested and if it is a good as it sounds made the defacto standard, if the EU really have our interest at heart.

Sorry Stella, kind of a tangent. The Ti02 as a nano particles is as with other nano technology unknown, nano particles do not occur naturally and potentially could penetrate into cells where larger more naturally occurring substances cannot. The upside could be new treatments for cancer etc, the downsides we may not hear of for a while.

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