Tales From The Bank (Credit Agricole)

I've been in business if SW France for the last 9 years and on the whole CA have been pretty good with me when I've had my very lean times (The restaurant/hotel business has lean times most of the time these days). So during the last 9 years I've had a few strange and sometimes funny moments when dealing with the bank but today I've had the weirdest telephone conversation with one of the assistant managers. Every year about this time they ask for my Comptes Annuels from the previous year so I usually just drop them in and they photocopy them and they return by post. This year they did not come back so I phoned the bank and asked when they were returning them. They replied that they were posted some 10 days ago so I left it for another week (there you see I appreciate how much patience you need with the French postal service) anyway a week later I phoned the bank again and explained that the accounts had not turned up..... and here's the response: The Comptes Annuals are my responsibility and I have to contact the post office and I have to ask them to search for the documents????????

I should have known ????????

I can only say appalling!!

crédit agricole lost a copy of mine last year, apmarently I shouldn't worry, it's not lost, my friendly conseilleur prof just can't find it in his bordélique filling system...!