Tales of a dogs life

(John Alcock) #1

We arrived in France December 12 just in time for Christmas and the snow, my 4 Old English Sheepdogs although they have been many times before had to make themselves known to all the village charging around in the snow thinking it was great until the ice froze to the fur under their paws if they had held the legs stiff i could have pushed them around as though on skis, another source of amazement was when my order of 75 bags of dog food arrived from the UK and was dropped off in the centre of our very small village and had to be carried into my garage one by one, explaining to the onlookers that even with the transport from the uk it was still at least 10 euro per bag less than a good food here, already orders are being received for the next shipment, the local vet is starting to see me as an welcome boost to his income, Harry was bitten by possibly a spider with painfull results and Barney went head over tail in his excitement running down the field causing a leg injury the two girls just sit and look at the pair of them being silly

(John Alcock) #2

Good luck with the house hunting, we are in the Tarn lovely area but god its cold had a scattering of snow this morning dont tell your lot or they will want to come over, agree totally stay with what you know suites none of this they like a change had OES since the 70s it took me a while to find a food that suited all of the dogs always one that has to be difficult

(John Alcock) #3

Hi Sandy yes we are here full time for better for worse no going back, OES dont gambol its more of a full on charge woe betide anyone that gets in the way, i have been on the floor more than once the victim of an over enthusiastic dog taking my legs from under me , meat content in food is a problem coming into France i have used Vitalin Active for years being chicken base and found it to be excellent for all my dogs after trying different food including tripe , yuk, then hosing down the dogs and patio area, get my meaning, rather messy as most OES tend to have a funny tummy,plus my UK vet was more than pleased with the condition of my dogs having searched in France and found the cost of dog food frightening especially having 4 large dogs i use 15kg + a week so at 40 euros per week cost will soar i contacted Vitalin who were more than happy to broaden their horizons as long as i had a full pallet so mixing it with a variety of food ordered for friends including cat food and special diet all from Vitalin it was delivered to my door within 3 days of order being placed i now have 12 months supply with some to spare and a saving of over 1500 euro i believe skinners is available here what the cost is ? as for raw meat maybe an abattoir a bit of research is required there , where are you moving to in France