Talking Books, Download recomendations

Now I do love reading real books but can’t read and work manually at the same time, I have tried. So for a while now I have become addicted to talking books downloaded to my simple little MP3. Because of this I would like to share a couple of very good, in my opinion, download sites for talking books.

First Libravox which is completely free site not so many current books but very good all the same, they are read by real people.

and my other favourite

this one is partially free and for a one off lifetime donation of $10 you get access to all their archive.

Had a look through last night and there’s lots to choose from so that should keep him happy for a while. I think I might copy your idea of listening while working as my workroom is lacking in radio etc. Have been using computer to listen to podcasts but this is a good alternative.

Glad to help . I liked all the Sherlock Homes and Agatha Christie dramas. I’m now listening to Paul temple on Mystery Theatre. Also getting through Jeeves and Wooster from Libravox.

Thank you for sharing this. I’ve been looking for a site which does free downloads for a while. My son is dyslexic and finds reading difficult. However, I have found that talking books have sparked an interest and encouraged him to pick up books. He was looking for some Sherlock Holmes but the only one I could find was were the narrator, trying to do an English accent, sounded like a drunk Lloyd Grossman! This is much better.