Talking to French doctors

How do you get to talk to doctors in a hospital? My OH had an op on 2nd Sept which needed to have a drain inserted. He was told 5 days then home. He’s still in hospital! The hospital is 75-90 minutes away-depends on traffic. My OH doesn’t speak French. The surgeon comes in every morning about 8 , doesn’t speak to him, looks at the bottle attached to the drain, says “no” and leaves. After that he doesn’t see a doctor again until the following morning. I asked the nurses what was happening and they said they don’t know, it’s up to the surgeon. Since visiting is only afternoon I can’t get to see the surgeon either-and she seems to do most of her ops, in the afternoon. Is it the done thing to ask to see a doctor to talk to? They haven’t said what level of liquid from the drain is acceptable or anything.

Hi Sue. Sorry to hear about your husband.
There is usually an assistant sociale at the hospital you can go and see to obtain better explanations. My wife did this on a number of occasions whilst I was hospitalised and always received good advice and attention. If necessary, I’m sure he/she will arrange an English speaking doctor to explain things in more detail.
Also, google is your friend. The google translate app on a smart-phone is invaluable since it will translate your spoken English to French and the medic can respond likewise.
Although visiting hours were difficult sometimes, it was always possible to fix with the nurses for Vanessa to come in early so she could be there when the doctor did his/her rounds. You just need to ask.
Just to add - and I speak from personal experience, hospitals in France are not known to keep people in a bed they can utilise for someone else so rest assured that if they haven’t discharged your OH there are very good reasons behind that decision. I appreciate the disappointment but it will be for the right medical reasons.


On the same theme but a slightly different issue, after being discharged from Hospital last week (pacemaker) I somehow had contracted a UTI which has turned into a nasty infection (a notifiable disease, to boot) discovered after providing a urine sample.
I know it shouldn’t concern me but, the consultations with my MT have been by phone and ordinances issued. Had this been at the surgery (or a home visit) he would have asked for my CV but as this was done on the phone no CV was proffered. He still deserves his pound of flesh!
I presume there is some internal mechanism which nonetheless allows him his fee for the consultation?

I had a video consultation a week or so ago and the fee was out of my account the same day. Check your ameli account as it will prob be listed by now.

Thanks @JaneJones.
Have checked the account as you suggest but no payment has been recorded. Perhaps he considers he makes enough out of me anyway lol

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Might take a few days extra at the moment. I’m sure the doc will find a way to manage,

don’t think he’ll starve for sure lol