Tang Orange Juice and dehydrated egg in powder form

Does anyone know where one can purchase Tang Orange Juice and / or dehydrated egg in powder form in France?

I hike long distances from time to time (mostly the UK in the past) and both save a lot of backpack weight.

Like this?

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Whoops gonna need to revise my links! Alec you can try Amazon Fr :laughing:



Whoops gonna need to revise my links! Alec you can try Amazon Fr :laughing:

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That’s the exact stuff. I just used up my last supplies of the very same last week and it was a great refresher / fortifier during and after a 6 hour climb to a mountain hut! I thought I’d try to find a source of it in bulk for future needs. It’s available on line I know but I’d prefer to source it locally. All the supermarkets I’ve been look at me blankly (but I get that a lot).

If you want a supermarket Auchan stock Tang in sachets, they may well have the tubs too like the one I posted earlier.
The dehydrated/powdered egg would be a lot cheaper there also, although available in plenty of other supermarkets.


If you have a decathlon near you they sell similar things,


Well done for not wanting to buy online and (especially from amazon). Have you also tried your nearest biocoop, or similar, our one has powdered eggs.

But don’t buy the substitute egg powder as link above - it is truly disgusting!

Our walking friends make fruit leathers and things like that to keep them going.

Thank all for the info provided. My future food supplies now secured (unlike the UK shortly possibly).