Tank less hot water

Has anyone installed a tank less hot water system for their bathroom?
What I want is to be able to use the hot water from the shower point and run hot water to the hand basin,

Do you mean from a “UK style” power shower?

There are smaller undersink versions which draw less power so allowing a lower abbonment 3-6kw usually. Heatraesadia for example. As a sink would generally not require the flow rate of a shower.

Yes, but would have to comply to french regs.

Situated in volume 3 it shouldn’t be a problem apart from a high abonment and possibly tripping the main switch. At 8.5-10.5kw it a bit over the top for a sink.

I am sure Jonathon Badger will pop by and correct me if I am wrong

Tend not to use them in France (power issues?) and I would imagine it would be a bit of an unsightly installation to take a separate output from a power shower and as @Corona said, a bit of an overkill for a bathroom sink. Be interesting to see if you can come up with a solution. Is it not possible to fit a "ballon " to satisfy your domestic hot water requirements?

Sort of. Volume 3 no longer exists - there are only Volumes 0, 1 & 2 (& Volume caché) in any “salles d’eau” these days. The old volume 3 is now part of the wider “hors volume”.
It is permissable to install a Class 1 (earthed) water heater (storage or instant) in Volume 1 as long as it is IPX4 or better & supplied via a 30mA différentiel.

As you rightly state, a high power instantaneous water heater is a very bad idea unless you really want to have a higher abonnement (& thus more expense) than you really need. It’s far better to use a local small balon.

Apologies Jonathan

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One of these ? Dafi DAF90T Chauffe-eau 9 kWh en triphasé | eBay

Works for me :sunglasses:

How have you found it and what do you use it for, sink/shower or bath.