Tarif Bleu

My electricity from EDF has been on Tarif Bleu fot 10 years with my low hours being 2pm-5pm and 2am-7am. I had a switch put in the meter box to only heat the water during this time and I always heard it click on and off at those times. However, it appears to have changed and last night I heard it click at 9pm (not sure if that was on or off as I have no idea how the switch works!). Someone told me that EDF haven’t given the low afternoon hours for ages and I wondered if it was possible for this to have been changed remotely or via the external electricty box by EDF. This is a maison secondaire where we turn the water switch to off in the meter box but do leave the electricity on so we haven’t changed anything. Would appreciate some input!

When we bought our house we paid for the cheap afternoon and night-time hours but after 3 years I realised that the swich didn't work. I rang EDF who shrugged verbally over the phone but offered to send someone to check their black box. When I looked on their website I found you could check the cheap bands offered in your commune. We had 4 bands so I requested one of them. The ERDF guy who came out grumbled and said it wasn't 'normal' but changed our switch to the hour band that I requested. Perhaps you can check your account on-line, together with your hard copy contract for starters.