Tax accountant in France - prefer an individual rather than a company

We are non-resident in France but own a property through a company in Hong Kong, and I need to do a tax return for its rental etc. Can anyone suggest an accountant who can help me fill in the necessary documents? Don't know which form is applicable!


We're actually in the Middle East, which is particularly why I need help. Won't be back in France (near Bourg en Bresse) until summer.

We had been living in HK and other parts of Asia for years (expats since 1989) but always had our family home in France. 3 years ago my husband was ill so we went back to France and bought a small house for a renovation project (his rehabilitation!) under a pension fund/company created in HK. We now need to do a tax return for this and its rental (since July 2013) but I don't know where to start. So we need someone who knows the french tax system and whether we need to do any tax return other than the 3% declaration (form 2746) which we do for "overseas company owning property in France". All info can be emailed.


Where in France are you Kate, anywhere near Carcassonne