Tax Advice - French national with English indefinite leave to remain

Hi everyone,
My mother who is French but has indefinite leave to remain in England also -having lived and worked in the UK for many years, when married and bringing us up- is now widowed, and at some point will be moving to the UK. Does anyone have any knowledge of the implications on paying tax on her properties in France when she sells? Will she have to pay tax in France and the UK if she moves? I guess, most importantly, can anybody recommend any experts in this area? Would be really helpful to know - it’s such a minefield and we are worried that she’ll be paying tax in both countries when maybe she doesn’t need to.

Thank you!

It is a minefield, but both countries exempt your main home (within a reasonable timescale, can’t hang onto it for years and years once you have moved). And france exempts CGT on second homes after 22years and 30 years for social charges.

So the simplest approach would be to sell before she leaves…or shortly thereafter.

But in principle the double tax treaty should stop her having to pay twice anyway as long as amounts are similar, but it can be a hassle to declare in both countries.

However getting asvice as you say would be good. I just don’t know anyone I would trust to get it right!

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