Tax advice needed please

Now we are here and our only income is UK pensions we pay the tax on them in the uk. As we are now resident here in France we are slowly getting all our tax etc sorted. We want to keep paying our tax in the UK for now as I just may have some work there next year just need to know that yes we have to prove our income to the french authorities and that we are paying the tax on it to the UK.BUT we don’t have to cancel our UK tax payments and that we must now pay it it here. I was told by my pension people that I had the choice but now i,m not sure .help please

You need professional advice from someone who is familiar with both UK and French revenue law, to determine which country you are resident in for tax purposes (which may not correspond to what the average punter considers his country of residence). Once the facts have been established, they will determine which country will tax your income - it is fixed by the facts and is not a matter of choice.

Thank you

Try the following link for the rules from a UK perspective.

Look at the top of the SFN page where you will find 'Useful links' under the logo. Open that up then click on Finance. The second category down is Taxation. Under UK Pension there is only the phone number for the pension service in the UK but it seems to have worked for people, otherwise more general answers should help. I sometimes have the same or similar questions and have found the answers there.