Tax at source

Please help my husband and I have been living in France for 24:years and declared our uk pensions and paid tax here by monthly prelevement. I understand that the rules have changed and we are to be taxed at source is anyone affected and what do we do? Our income changes each month according to the exchange rates.

Carol… you should have received an Avis saying what your tax position was…in 2018, after making your “Declaration of Income received in 2017”. Just like every year… and you have been here 24 years ???

On that form (on mine) it talks about “Prelevement at source in 2019”… (see back page)… and when I look on the back page it has all the columns completed with “zero%”…

It is clear that for some of us pensioners with money coming from UK…(as in my case) they will wait for my Annual Declaration before deciding how much (or even if) Tax is due… (but my income is not very great)

If you pay monthly by DD… this may well continue and after you make your Declaration any adjustments can be made… check out your back page…:thinking:


Thanks so much - will do. Sorry to be stupid!

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Carol… no need to be sorry… we are all a little at sixes and sevens with the new procedures… and so much other stuff “up in the air”…:roll_eyes::hugs:

Too true I can’t begin - am in uk trying to deal with sick brother 200 miles away,keeps falling can’t get up, being discharged from hospital late at night to an empty cold flat this is the wonderful nhs. So much better in France! Keep well and thanks

Goodness Carol… I went through that last year with my own brother… can’t believe that they discharge folk without proper support in place :zipper_mouth_face:

keep smiling…

Thanks :cat:

Not just the NHS. The French health service discharged my elderly neighbour in a hospital gown ( they’d burnt his clothes as he seldom washes) expecting he would have more clothes at home-he didn’t. He has no family. No care was put in place-luckily we all rallied round to try and help but he was readmitted to hospital a few days later as he got drunk and fell ( again). He died a few weeks later. The French health service is not always great.

Sue, most people would share your concern about the lack of social after-care for people who are well enough to leave hospital because they can no longer benefit from hospital care, and are blocking a bed and human resouces urgently needed by another.

Hospital staff are not equipped in any significant way to supply home care, or even emergency clothing.

Community care services in France are in the same parlous state as in UK, bereft of resources and funds to provide care, and with extremely limited capacity to respond urgently to new demands.

Neither the UK nor the French service providers lack compassion nor are they unaware of how scant is their scope for wrap-around welfare.

But they are severely limited in what they can do to close the gaps in care, and are daily more aware than most of the human cost of policies of austerity, side by side with unbridled greed and the waste of public money on vanity projects, and the pursuit of war.

They are flesh and blood people, working round the clock, doing dirty, arduous and challenging work for poor pay, and little recognition.

Every sighting of the Gilet Jaunes should remind us of the plight of that shivering old chap in his apartment, and who is to blame; and its not the NHS staff who helped him back to health. The disposal of hazardous clothing was almost certainly necessary - nurses have neither the time nor facilities to wash and iron them.

That is sad to hear Sue…

However, I am presuming that this elderly gentleman was French and thus well able to discuss things at the Hospital… had he not been “of sound mind and body” things would probably have turned out differently…

Doubtless, the appropriate hospital staff did expect the gentleman to have clothes at home… why wouldn’t they?.. and if he needed ongoing care… this was something for discussion between him and the hospital… and (I suspect) it was discussed and the gentleman himself was perhaps not keen to discuss his personal situation… and/or not wanting to accept the “care at home” that can be arranged (even though it is especially there for those elderly with low income/real need).

I have experienced (in some of the elderly of my own Commune) this desire for independence and the longing to get home, no matter what.

No-one can be forced to stay in hospital. No-one can be forced to accept help…

Most people are, in fact, caring and do care about the welfare of others… and I am glad that you and those nearby did rally to help this gentleman on his return home.

My post was not intended to disparage the French health service in any way. In many ways it is excellent. It was the fact that I get so fed up with comments such as the one from the previous poster " So much better in France" I just wanted to point out that not everything done in France is wonderful, marvellous and top notch. While not everything done in the UK is dreadful, horrible and awful. There always seem to be so many people who put on rose coloured glasses when viewing any action in France . I don’t know what colour glasses they use when viewing the UK!!


Things can and do go wrong on any country. But I suggest that is not the norm.

Wednesday, I was at hospital visiting a French gent (87 yrs) and pleading with him not to discharge himself just yet… he lives alone, dicky ticker, very unsteady on his feet etc, only an open fire for heating… (his house is now freezing cold.)

Next time he falls, it will possibly be into the fire and not just onto the hearthstone…he is very independent and reckons he can cope… :thinking:

(Last year, in UK, my brother discharged himself 5 times from hospital… lying through his teeth to all who asked how he would cope. He was a fool., but…)

I had to go to Urgence a few years ago in the summer.
The corridors were full of elderly people on trolleys.
Just like the NHS.
I dread to think what it was like during the drought last year.

I had a minor operation in 2018 and they would not let me leave the hospital and return to an empty house. I had to be collected and give the details of where I would be spending the night.
I think that the big problems occur where there is no immediate family. In France the state still seems to expect family support networks to be in place.

By the sound of things, they discussed your situation with you… excellent… and you decided to go along with their suggestions.

Had you insisted on leaving against their advice, they would have got you to sign a disclaimer… I know this happens, as I was involved in a difficult situation last year (or maybe 2017) … .where a Brit insisted on self-discharge despite all of our pleas. It took hours…of to and fro discussions, the Doc was furious, but the Brit was insistent… signed whatever documents…and left. ( the hospital did their best and had to cover their backs -fair enough).

Last year 2018… the Urgences in Perigueux at night… was like a cattle market… the staff were wonderful, but, as you say… trollies everywhere… I waited for 7 hours for my neighbour to be dealt with (though they did ensure she was stable meantime)

St Yrieix, on the other hand, patient wa seen almost immediately and put into a private room with all tests up and running within 30 minutes…again wonderful staff… yet they are proposing to shut this hospital down due to lack of funding… :roll_eyes::zipper_mouth_face: Each time I have visited their Urgences, folk came and went swiftly after treatment as appropriate…

How on earth Perigueux will cope when their already overcrowded Urgences/hospital is flooded with folk from the North of the Dept… beats me…

No discussion, they told me, nicely. Luckily a friend’s son lives in the same town so he collected me, fed me and let me sleep in his flat.

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I’ve just heard that my elderly friend is staying in over the weekend… seems the Doc has suggested a few more tests… phew…

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Stella, you suggest that the authorities would like to close St Yrieix hospital ??? Barely 2 years ago a massive extension to the hospital was completed. Perhaps just local gossip?

Not at all John… there is a Petition in local shops etc… everyone is aghast.

Yes, the extension is excellent… they moved various bits of the hospital (Opto etc) into the enlarged premises then put lots more (Senior Citizens) above etc etc… fabulous place and excellent service.

Everyone is fighting (non-aggressively) to keep the Hospital itself open… and the Urgences Dept plays a major role for everyone…in that area and further afield.