Tax bills

Has everyone received their tax bills? I have not yet and it seems unusually late. Should I be worried?

Update: I rang and sent e-mails. Ringing never works, e-mails usually do. After much discussion, I learned that they sent the habitation and foncières to the wrong address and they promise to resend. They now say I never made the declaration for the revenues, when I sent it the 24th of May. Has anyone else ever come across this level of incompetence???

They are staggered around the country and each bill comes in staggered too. So for example, we received the Impots bill first, Taxe Fonciere next and Habitation two weeks ago. We are just awaiting our CFE bills now as we are both AE's who registered in 2009 - this tax only applies to to business owners, so is equivalent to business rates. The real bummer is that we already pay domestic rates on the same property! (and they are sooooo expensive already where we live)

Thank you Anne and Steve. It seems that they are staggered, but I will ring or e-mail them.

I received mine in October for payment by mid November. It does seem late if you have not had one, so perhaps worth a call or an email? My tax office responded pretty well to my emails, I found.

Most of ours came in Sept for payment in Oct, last one came in Oct for payment by 15th Nov