Tax consultant reccommendations?

Good morning could anyone recommend a tax consultant that could support with the process of becoming a tax resident in France?
Thank you in advance

Make an appointment with your local tax office and they will walk you through the process.
Go to Accueil | thethird box on the top right hand corner of the page takes you to where you can make an appointment.

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Does one mean a financial advice consultant, or a tax accountant to do the tax return? (the latter which most people seem to do without).

For financial advice -

France Property has good detailed guides on all main elements of finance and moving implications.

Blevins Franks also has a good set of guides and are consultants - consultants have suggested to me a minimum of 250K capital to invest to take on a client.

For how to fill in a tax form, plenty of sources and guides on SF, including Graham’s guide and other’s guides posted - as well as the Impot’s own guides.

Google search everything - but appreciate not all is answered and maybe not all correctly, so try to get several sources…

Hi Gaby
I have been using an English-speaking French tax accountant for several years now he is not bad.
At least we get our taxes done on time.
Hi name is Frank Van Eig - +33 675 0345 23
Let him know that I passed on to you his name.
Let me know if you have any success.

Just wondering Peter whether your tax accountant is happy to have his mobile phone number plastered all over the internet? This is a public forum. Might be better to send @Gaby a PM with the phone number?

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thank you Peter

Should that be thank you Frank Van Eig? :slight_smile: