Tax credit upped to 30 pct on energy saving measures

In case you hadn't noticed (I hadn't) the tax credit you get when you improve the energy efficiency of your home is now 30 pct.

The new rate came in on September 1 following Ségolene Royal's proposal for a new law on sustainable development and energy efficiency presented to the July 30 cabinet meeting in Paris. You can read the full communique here.

The new rate applies to any single renovation project which improves energy efficiency including a new, energy-efficient heating system among other projects. Previously, the highest rebate you could get was 25 per cent, but you had to undertake at least two energy-saving projects like better insulation and a new heating system to qualify.

According to my central heating experts the new rebate is available to everyone whatever their income and there is only one rate, so it's simpler. Previously there was a 15 pct rebate for people with lower incomes.

I also read that tva on eligible works has gone down to 5.5%. Trying to clarify all this at moment but if it applies to my project I will be very very happy!

This is very good news, I only discovered this change two days ago! The installer must be rge registered for you to claim back the credit d’impot.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

Yes, my understanding is that you have to use a qualified installer. As to the costs, the only way to know would be to get a devis or two from local artisans and work out the relative costs. We had a similar system installed when we rebuilt our fireplace and put in a closed insert, and I most definitely wouldn't have wanted to install it myself given that it involved boring large holes through a concrete floor and installing a pump in our not-very-accessible attic to blow the hot air into the upstairs rooms. That said, it does work well.

Hi. I am interested to learn more. Is it true that you have to use an artisan to qualify for this rebate? We are considering running hot air pipes from a Woodburner to share the warm air around the house but I wonder if the artisan costs would ourltweigh the value of the rebate.

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Very happy with this I just got the tax credit back on my windows from last year.

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