Tax credits on eco-friendly installations

Can anybody advise where I can go to get definitive confirmation of what I can claim back. We are planning on installing 2 new log-burning stoves and solar panels all linked into a central accumulator tank for storing the hot water for hot water system and radiators. This system will be installed in a barn conversion, which is counted as “new build” rather than “renovation”, so we cannot get the reduced rate 5.5% TVA on any of it. My accountant has given me duff info in the past, so want to go straight to the horses mouth if possible. But where is the horses mouth? Is it the mairie or the Hotel des Impots. The Ademe website says 45% tax credit for 2011 for solar panels, but does not mention any of the accessories.

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If you read and understand French check out this link residence-principale, that is so from Sarko's mouth it is word ;-). Basically it depends on how long you have owned the property and if it is new build or renovation. Be sure to have the work done by an approved "artisan" or you cannot claim at all. All gov. approved energy saving appliances have different % of rebate ranging from 15% to 45%. Selling electricity back to the grid is a bit of a gamble because the keep moving the resell rates and be sure to be with the right provider because France you don't have to be with EDF;



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Basically there are three types of support, direct grants-mainly from regions, tax breaks which are national on income tax to be paid the next year, and feed in tariffs for grid tied electricity generation. Your project should benefit from the first two, it depends on your region and of course if you pay tax in France.

Here in the Languedoc you have to write direct to the President of the Region to request support. We met a very helpful local ADEME official who took us through what we could, and couldn't get.

Here is a list region by region

and here is the ADEME site for all info on energy savings, renewable energy for individuals, companies and communes

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