Tax d'habitation


Does anyone know how to apply for a discount on tax habitation if you have not done a tax return yet (ie not here long enough) but have a dependent partner so would qualify.

Hi Maggie

Have you tried talking to your local Tax Office… ???

Going this week just wanted a bit of heads up!!


take all your personal and financial info, as no idea what they will ask for…hope all goes well…:slight_smile:

Cheers!! Just assuming they work out on last years income??

If you haven’t done a tax return yet I rather doubt you will get a reduction on TdH this year.

The calculation for the year 1st Jan to 31st Dec is based on a snapshot picture of your situation on 1st Jan. If you arrived after 1st Jan, i.e. weren’t resident as of 1st Jan, then you won’t be classed as tax resident for this year’s tax exercise which involves declaration of last year’s income and the calculation of liabilities, allowances etc based on that. (It’s like qualifying for the potential exemption for age - if you’re 60 on 30st Dec 2016 then you qualify for the age exemption in 2017 because you are 60 on 1st Jan 17. If you’re 60 on 2nd Jan 2017 then you don’t qualify for potential age exemption until 2018. Changes in status during the calendar year aren’t taken into account until next year.)
If you were resident at all prior to 1st Jan then unless you arrived very late last year, you would normally be expected to have done a tax return for 2016, and it would be to your advantage to do one. Was it the tax office who advised you not to? If so, did you not discuss taxe d’habitation with them at the same time?
By all means ask, but don’t get your hopes too high.

( I am assuming you have only arrived in recent months as you have not yet made a Declaration)

As you have not been here a full year… it would probably be pro rata on last year’s figures… but I am not sure if they will do it even … …so, fingers crossed.


Purchased house in 2016 but fiscally resident from mid Jan 17 therefore liable for house taxes but not income tax

Also of course, if you arrived after 1st Jan this year you won’t be liable for TdH for 2017 in any case, unless you previously had the property as a holiday home.
EDIT - sorry, posts crossed.
In that case, unfortunately I think you will be taxed this time as for a residence secondaire, and you will qualify for reductions for 2018 after you’ve done your first tax return. But worth an ask, there’s nothing to lose after all. If they do agree I guess they will base it on your UK income between 1st Jan and 31st Dec 2016.

OK… so you bought in 2016… when any Tax d’Hab would be paid by the Seller as owning the house 1st Jan 2016.

As Anna says… worth asking the question regarding the Tax d’Hab bill that will come out Autumn 2017…mmm…let us know how you get on, please.

Maggie… I’ve sent you a Private Message :slight_smile:

I think this is one of those things where it depends very much on the tax office. They would be within their rights to give a flat No. Tax residence is established retrospectively, when the facts show that France was in fact a person’s country of residence during the previous year. But since that isn’t known for sure until the end of the year, then until a person has submitted a tax return and had it processed, they are not officially a tax payer, for instance if you asked France for a certificate of fiscal residence right now they would be unable to issue one. But as regards TdH, some tax offices will see your point and find a way to help you out and some won’t.

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Can’t see it yet, do they take a while to arrive?

Anna… I sent a message to Maggie… crossed wires…:slight_smile:

Sorry - clicked an alert to the post, didn’t read it properly and assumed it was directed at me :grinning: doh

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Hi, we have been paying full foncière and habitation taxes since we bought the house. We live in the UK, so it’s a secondarie residence. However we are over 60 and thought we might be able to get it reduction. Anyone know if this is right? We are paying far more than the council tax we pay in the Uk despite the fact the house is a single story with only 95
We only spend about 6 weeks a year in France so we feel the tax is punitive!
Thanks … advice requested!! :slight_smile :slight_smile:

Unfortunately not. As in most countries, tax concessions and benefits in France are for French taxpayers only.
(I think you’ll find that most councils in the UK don’t give concessions on holiday home council tax either, eg for low income or for a single person.)

As Anna says. Nobody will ‘feel sorry’ for second home owners who think that the cost of their luxury should be reduced. When you buy something like that you need to take responsibility for your actions. Hopefully, now you are in your 60s, you will be able to use your French house more often and get more value for money from it.


Anna is quite correct…sorry, no rebate would seem to be applicable to your situation.

Have your French household taxes risen much since you bought your holiday home?? If so, do you know why ??

I can understand you feeling miffed at only being able to benefit from your HHome for such a short period, but this does not make the taxes punitive… perhaps when you are retired you can spend more time here… :grinning:

There is supposed to be a single person discount of 25% and a (discretionary) reduction of up to 50% for 2nd homes.