Tax evasion

I can’t help but think if you or I failed to pay several million in tax, we’d be enjoying a period of accomodation at his majesty’s pleasure.

But, apparently, it’s OK if you are a Tory MP. Just a slight slap on the wrist and a “pay up, there’s a good chap”


Didn’t you know, they’re all in it together… :slightly_smiling_face:
The whole bleeding lot of them from the PM and his nomdom wife downwards - a fish rots from the head…



I am loading the barrels of gunpowder as we speak

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I’ll come and help :fire:

I’ve read the piece several times now and still can’t see where he’s actually done anything wrong, seems like another Guardian anti Tory non-story to me.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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It is being reported widely, not just in the Grauniad, I think it originated in the Sun - hardly a left leaning rag.

Some detail here - Did Nadhim Zahawi pay up to avoid an HMRC enquiry over YouGov? – Tax Policy Associates Ltd

It seems that he “came clean” over non paid tax - but I think it’s safe to assume he only did so because it is likely it would have been uncovered anyway.

At any one time 50% of the UK’s largest 2000 companies are under investigation by HMRC, does that make them all tax evaders?

As unfortunately my last MP when I lived in UK he is more than capable of underhand dealings. I would still like to see an enquiry as I wouldn’t trust him one millimetre.


What a completely irrelevant point Tim.


but not the NCA :thinking:

Tens of thousands of people (and companies) are investigated by HMRC every year but because Zahawi is a former minister he makes the papers.

Has he actually been accused of or charged with committing any crime?

I think that actually is the point because he is a Govt Cabinet minister (now without portfolio, as party chair) NOT a former minister as you suggest. Doesn’t this smell of more Tory sleaze and extra-ordinary privilege?
He reached a so called “no fault” deal - you try doing that with HMRC when you “forget” to declare £10 interest on an old savings account and see how far you get…


And what’s actually wrong with an anti Tory story?!!


Didn’t that sort of deal with the Revenue use to be called a “handshake” ? ie a company caught out, would make a large one-off payment and not be prosecuted

Tens of thousands of people who weren’t fecking chancellor.

The standards are, or at any rate should be, higher for those in high office.


Surely the main problem is the system of tax law that allows the avoidance of tax by using offshore holding companies.
Trouble is that often the tax laws are being made by people who have a self interest of building in loopholes so that they may avoid tax.


We hear today that five billion of tax has not been collected because staff have been diverted to work on Covid and Brexit.

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